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Buying Guide and Reviews: Best Car Speakers for Epic Sound (2024)

People that appreciate music and love their playlists do not need to be told the joy of driving to their favorite tunes.

While some are just fanatics, others spend large amounts of the day in their cars and deserve an upgrade.

The standard music systems that many cars come with are pretty good these days, but cannot deliver the same sound quality of music as some third-party car speaker systems do.

Admittedly, if you were to look for a good set of speakers online you would be left confused and completely out of sorts. There are thousands of speakers with different specifications and types.

It would be really hard for an amateur to sort through the mess and arrive at the best speaker for his car. That is why this guide is here!

Read through the buying guide to find the speaker type that suits you best and find some of the best speakers reviewed thereon.

Best Car Audio Speakers for the Money

JBL GTO609C Premium 6.5-Inch Component Speaker System4 x Pioneer TS Series 350W Max 6″ x 8″ A-SERIES 4-Way Coaxial Car Speakers
Pyle 6.5″ Three-Way Sound Speaker SystemPyle 6.5″ Three-Way Sound Speaker System
”JVCJVC CS-J620 300W 6.5″ CS Series 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers

Cars Speakers Buying Guide

Assess Your Needs

Some people who are deep into music require equipment that is specifically suited for certain sound and pitch. They are equalized to amplify certain qualities of sound while neutralizing others.

If you are one of them, you will be looking for a specific type of component speakers while assembling a full system with tweeters and woofers. If you’re not that much into the nitty-gritty of the sound system, the coaxial speakers are ideal for you.

What matters the most is that you know what you are looking for, based on your needs.

Find the Right Speakers

Coaxial and Component Speakers

Based on your requirements, you will know whether you need component or coaxial speakers. Component speakers are those systems that need to be assembled based on your specific needs.

Along with the component speaker, you would require a set of tweeters and woofers along with a crossover. A coaxial speaker is also called a full-range speaker because a single package of these includes all of the aforementioned components.

The component speaker is ideal for someone who is looking for the most sophisticated listening experience.

It delivers a better listening experience but only for the trained ear that is looking for specific qualities in the sound.

Otherwise, the coaxial speakers are great for a regular listener.

The Best Fit


Many people complain about the size of the equipment they purchase. Some speaker systems are too big for their cars whereas others are too small.

Ensuring the ideal size will help deliver a better surround sound and listening experience.


Sensitivity in car speakers is a measure of the amount of sound delivered based on the power applied to it.

Most factory-set car stereos have a low power output under 15W RMS per channel while external amplifiers or after-fitted stereos are usually above 16W RMS per channel.

For lower power, you must consider higher sensitivity speakers and vice versa.

Power Handling

This measures the extent of power that a speaker can handle. With factory set speaker, the power output is low, therefore the speakers you install do not require very high power handling.

However, if the power output in your car is high, make sure you invest in speakers that are capable of this power handling.

The Perfect Mix for Your Car

Once you have figured all of these specifics out, including other aspects like woofer material and surround material, you can arrive at the best speakers for your specific vehicle, based on your requirements.

This way you know you will be investing in the most appropriate of equipment that will deliver the best sound for your needs.

Best Car Speakers Reviews

Pioneer 5×7 / 6×8 Inch 4-Way 350 Watt Car Stereo Speakers

With an RMS of 60 Watts per speaker, these Pioneer speakers are built with multilayer Mica Matrix mid-woofer cone material.

4 x Pioneer TS Series 350W Max 6

This makes them one of the most durable and heavy duty speakers in the market and allows for the ultimate listening experience.

It is one of the least returned items in its category of component speakers.


  • Highly durable and heavy duty speakers that will serve your needs for a very long time.
  • Their high ceiling comes in handy for sustained quality of high decibel music.
  • Priced affordably and competitively.


  • These are not waterproof. Some of the other products in the same category are waterproof.

Where to Buy

These speakers are available on Amazon.com


If you are one of those who requires a robust and durable component speaker with a high power output and decibel ceiling, there might not be a more reliable product than these Pioneer speakers.

The hold a strong reputation in the market and would be worth every dollar you spend on it. They will last really long and won’t burn a hole through your pocket.

Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System

These sleek looking component speakers are one of the best in the market when it comes to high performance and affordable speakers. They are also developed to withstand extreme temperatures as well as exposure to water.

Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System (Pair, Silver)

They are marine certified for the same reason. The box comes with a pair of woofers, crossovers and tweeters.

It also has a vented crossover housing that gives a more professional finish to the entire install.


  • The vented crossover housing allows a very sleek finish to the wiring system when installed in your car.
  • These speakers are marine certified for durability and withstanding extreme temperatures and sunlight, thus making them one of the most picked products within an affordable budget.
  • The car rings that are part of the box allow the speakers to be installed in most cars.


  • The warranty that it comes with is 1 year long. This is a standard in the product category. Certain products come with a higher warranty and would thus become a comparatively safer purchase.
  • Some people have also complained about durability issues when it comes to the extensive usage of these speakers.

Where to Buy

These speakers are available on Amazon.com


These marine certified speakers are a great pick for those who are looking for a sleek yet sturdy set of speakers. They are also universally applicable due to their size and output.

The finish upon installation is very classy while the sound quality is right up there with the best in the price category.

Pyle 6.5” Three Way Sound Speaker System

These triaxial speakers are one of the most popular purchases when it comes to full-range speakers.


With a blue poly injection cone that adds stiffness to the speaker, these are ready for most situations including high power and temperature.

It includes a non fatiguing butyl rubber surround that also keeps the speakers secure and has a peak power handling of 360 Watts.


  • The butyl rubber surround makes these speakers highly secure and makes them relatively more durable than the others in its price range.
  • One of the most reliable purchases for its price.
  • Impressive sound quality despite having basic specifications when compared to the more expensive alternatives in the market.


  • It might not support the highest range of sound when it comes to loudness. The capacity for the same certainly decreases over time and use.
  • Some also complain that the speakers lack drive or warmth when playing music on the lower decibel levels.

Where to Buy

These speakers are available on Amazon.com


These are one of the best speakers to invest in if you are a beginner in understanding speaker systems and want something reliable and of good quality.

These speakers are meant to play great music for a long time while being priced very reasonably. It will certainly be an upgrade worth its cost in any car.

Pioneer TS-A1686R A-Series 6.5” 350-Watt 4-Way Speakers

These speakers are one of Pioneer’s best 4-way speaker systems that allow for a great sonic upgrade while being priced very competitively.

Pioneer TS-A6990F A Series 6

There are much more expensive variants of this product available for a higher price but these deliver great sound and even better quality.

They handle up to 60 Watt RMS per speaker and would allow for a smooth crank up of your favorite songs.


  • Very good value for money and high-quality speakers.
  • It also has very good power handling.


  • Many tests suggest that the A-series speakers are not very good in the high-frequency range.

Where to Buy

These speakers are available on Amazon.com


Pioneer is a very successful and reliable brand when it comes to car speakers. Most of their products are robust and maintain their sound output for long periods of time.

These A-series speakers have received good reviews from across the market, but might lack a little bit when it comes to high-frequency sounds and their continuous loudness.

Their accuracy might not be very high. While this might not be a concern for many, it might be for others.

JVC CS-J620 300W 6.5” CS Series 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers

With a peak power handling of 300 Watts, a mica cone and ferrite magnet-woofer and neodymium magnet-tweeter, these JVCs are highly popular when it comes to a set of full-range speakers.

JVC CS-J620 300W 6.5

They also have a steel-stamped frame for a much sturdier finish, making the speakers more durable.

With its 30-Watt RMS power handling, these coaxials are such that they can accommodate a small external amplifier too.


  • These speakers are very easy to install and require minimal time and effort.
  • The steel stamped frame adds a much-needed amount of durability to the speaker systems.


  • Some reviews suggest that the sound quality of these speakers decreases with time.
  • The frequency of vibrations accompanying sounds is a cause of concern for some of the users.

Where to Buy

These speakers are available on Amazon.com


If you are looking for a pair of low-price speakers to do the job, these JVC speakers will be more than enough. T

hey work very well in most cars and are very easy to install, thus aiding the amateur or beginner to get the most out of the car stereo without having to muddle into the specifics too much.

So there you have it, a guide to determine what kind of speakers would be of the most use to you and reviews of the best of the pack that are available online.

Based on your budget and requirement, we are certain any of the aforementioned speakers will leave you happy and satisfied.