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10 Cars That Look Like Jeep Wrangler (With Pictures)

The Jeep Wrangler is a fun, compact vehicle that is great for adventure.

It’s an SUV that truly looks cool and offers up a rugged performance for being a smaller automobile.

You may think it’s rather unique, but there really are several vehicles that are similar in appearance (as well as other things) to this one.

Here are just a few of our favorite picks for vehicles you should consider when you want to shop for a Wrangler. 

Toyota FJ Cruiser

toyota fj cruiser

Hands down my favorite vehicle that looks like the Jeep Wrangler, the FJ Cruiser is sadly no longer in production.

That means you’re left perusing the used lots for one of these beauties.

One key difference between the Toyota FJ Cruiser and the Jeep Wrangler is the number of doors.

The FJ Cruiser has two full size doors and then two half-size doors that don’t really do much tp open up the vehicle.

But you’ll love how much more space you get in the back seat of the FJ Cruiser compared to the Wrangler.

Land Rover Defender 

land rover defender

The Land Rover Defender is designed with a classic British style.

There is a new version of the Defender, though the original has been around since 1990.

Though it started as a bare off-road automobile, it’s now more of a luxurious vehicle with top-notch capability and an out-of-the-ordinary style.

The Safari windows that are on the roof are amazing, and you can choose between several colors, builds, and configurations. 

Range Rover Sport 

range rover sport

Though you can take the Range Rover Sport off-road, it’s not especially meant to do so.

It can get you out to your favorite spot out in nature for the most part and provides for an exciting ride on your way back down from the mountain.

As its name suggests, it’s a vehicle that truly delivers a “sporty” performance. 

Nissan Xterra 

nissan xterra

This is another car that didn’t last long for some reason.

Production stopped in 2015, but you can still find one for a decent price so that you can get onto the trail with ease.

The Xterra is extremely durable, and it’s capable of going out onto the beaten path. 

This sleek alternative to the Jeep Wrangler is great if you want something that’s visually appealing as well as offers a strong performance no matter where you’re driving. 

Subaru Outback 

subaru outback

The Subaru Outback may not be an SUV (it’s considered to be an off-road wagon), but it is just as capable as the Jeep Wrangler and similar vehicles.

The vehicle has impressive ground clearance along with symmetrical all-wheel-drive features to help you navigate the more difficult driving.

It offers a smooth ride, is roomy enough for the entire family and some gear, and it also is good on gas mileage.

It’s well worthwhile to check out this option if you’re partial to the Jeep Wrangler model. 

Jeep Gladiator

jeep gladiator

Wouldn’t you just love to have a Wrangler style SUV that comes with a truck bed?

This is a wonderful choice if you’ve got an active lifestyle and require something to help you haul gear or tow while keeping with the classic look of your typical Jeep automobile.

It has the benefits of a Jeep with a 5 ft. by 5 ft. bed that allows you to haul concrete, motorbikes, and much more.

Since it is a bit larger, you may have a little more difficulty if you take it off-roading, but it’s well worthwhile to have a Jeep Gladiator in your life for many other reasons. 

Mercedes G-Class

mercedes g class

The Mercedes G-Class is an off-road monster.

Its design originally was made for German military use.

This brand is a symbol for wealth all throughout the world now and this model sure has earned its reputation for how capable and powerful it is.

You will pay a bit more than the Jeep Wrangler, but you can rest assured it will take you where you need and want to go, whether on- or off-road. 

Toyota 4Runner TRD Sport

2022 toyota 4runner trd sport

The Toyota 4Runner is at the top of the list for off-road enthusiasts.

It truly is a legend among SUVs.

This model started out as basic and reliable with a bulletproof exterior.

Now, it’s become more luxurious in appearance, even while it matches the performance of the Jeep Wrangler on the trails.

And the 2022 Toyota 4Runner has a trim even closer to the Jeep Wrangler, the 2022 Toyota 4Runner TRD Sport.

Best of all, it has an amazing aftermarket presence, so you should be able to find this vehicle in your area.

If you want to consider another Toyota model, the Tacoma is comparable when it comes to dependability and capability of taking it out for an off-roading jaunt. 

Ford Bronco 

ford bronco

The Ford Bronco model has been out of production for the last 25 years.

Fortunately, it’s now back on the market and likely to become a serious contender to the Wrangler.

It has an incredible off-road system and is an ideal SUV to put the top down and take the doors off when you’re adventuring.

You may want to get a Jeep Wrangler, but this is worth the wait if you are able to take a little longer to purchase a vehicle. 

Hummer H2

hummer h2

The Hummer H2 quickly reached icon status after it was released in 2002.

This military-style hummer wasn’t all about being sturdy and having straight lines – the interior was luxurious and well-built.

This vehicle that dropped from the market in 2009 was excellent for use off-road.

Don’t worry, there’s will be an all-electric Hummer coming out in 2022 that likely will be just as powerful and robust as the H2. 

Shop for SUVs and Beyond with More Confidence 

If you’re uncertain about making a decision when it comes to buying a compact (or larger) SUV or another type of similar vehicle to the Jeep Wrangler, you’d do well to research the various alternatives that are on the market.

Some are no longer in production, so you’ll have to purchase a used vehicle.

Seek out the assistance of a knowledgeable dealer or reputable automotive review website to get a better picture before you make that leap.