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Cars That Start With C

Looking for cars that start with the letter C?

Congrats! You found them.

Here’s our list of C car brands and C car models.

First up, Car Brands That Start With C.

Car Brands That Start With C

C cars

These are lists of car companies that start with the letter C and car marques/makes that start with the letter C, separated by current and past car companies.

Current Car Brands That Start With C

  • Cadillac (US)
  • Casalini (Italy)
  • Caterham Cars (UK)
  • Chamonix (Brazil)
  • Changan (China)
  • Changhe (China)
  • Chatenet (France)
  • Chery (China)
  • Chevrolet (US)
  • Chevron (New Zealand)
  • ChienThang (Vietnam)
  • Chrysler (US)
  • Citroēn (France)
  • CityEl (Germany)
  • Cizeta (Italy)
  • CMC (Taiwan)
  • Comarth (Spain)
  • CT&T (South Korea)
  • Cupra (Spain)
  • Czinger (US)

Past Car Brands That Start With C

  • C.AR (Greece)
  • Caldwell Vale (Australia)
  • Canadian (Canada)
  • Canadian Motor (Canada)
  • Candia (Greece)
  • Carlton (New Zealand)
  • Chambers Motors (UK)
  • Checker (US)
  • Cheetah (Australia)
  • Chenard-Walcker (France)
  • Chrysler (Australia)
  • Cisitalia (Italy)
  • Clan (UK)
  • Clinton (Canada)
  • Cobra (New Zealand)
  • Coda (US)
  • Colonlial (Canada)
  • Colt (Japan)
  • Cord (US)
  • Covini (Italy)
  • Crosley (US)
  • Crossley (UK)
  • Crowther (New Zealand)
  • Custoca (Austria)

Car Models That Start With C

This is a list of some of the most popular car models that start with the letter C.

These cars have actual car names that begin with C and many of them are still in production today:

  • C-Class (Mercedes-Benz)
  • C-HR (Toyota)
  • C-Series (Chevrolet)
  • Cabrio (Volkswagen)
  • Cabriolet (Audi)
  • Camry (Toyota)
  • Canyon (GMC)
  • Caravan (Dodge)
  • CC (Volkswagen)
  • Celica (Toyota)
  • Challenger (Dodge)
  • Champion (Studebaker)
  • Charger (Dodge)
  • Cherokee (Jeep)
  • Civic (Honda)
  • Clio (Renault)
  • Colorado (Chevrolet)
  • Commodore (Holden)
  • Corolla (Toyota)
  • Corona (Toyota)
  • Coronet (Dodge)
  • Corrado (Volkswagen)
  • Corsa (Opel)
  • Corvette (Chevrolet)
  • CR-V (Honda)
  • Cressida (Toyota)
  • Crosstrek (Subaru)
  • Crown (Imperial)
  • Cruze (Chevrolet)
  • CT (Lexus)
  • CTS (Cadillac)
  • Cutlass (Oldsmobile)
  • CX-9 (Mazda)

And there you have it, the C brand and C model cars from around the world!