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Cars That Start With M

Looking for cars that start with the letter M?


Here’s our list of M car brands and M car models.

First up, Car Brands That Start With M.

Car Brands That Start With M

M cars

These are lists of car companies that start with the letter M and car marques/makes that start with the letter M, separated by current and past car companies.

Current Car Brands That Start With M

  • Magirus (Germany)
  • Magna Steyr (Austria)
  • Mahindra & Mahindra (India)
  • MAN (Germany)
  • Maruti Suzuki (India)
  • Maserati (Italy)
  • Master Motors (Pakistan)
  • Mastretta (Mexico)
  • Maxus (China)
  • Mazda (Japan)
  • Mazzanti (Italy)
  • McLaren (UK)
  • Melex (Poland)
  • Mercedes-AMG (Germany
  • Mercedes-Benz (Germany)
  • MG Motor (China)
  • Microcar (France)
  • Minetti Sports Cars (Australia)
  • Mini (UK)
  • Mitsubishi (Japan)
  • Mitsuoka (Japan)
  • Mobius (Kenya)
  • Morattab (Iran)
  • Morgan (UK)
  • MTX (Czech Republic)
  • MW Motors (Czech Republic)

Past Car Brands That Start With M

  • Manic GT (Canada)
  • Marauder (UK)
  • Marlborough (New Zealand)
  • Marmon (US)
  • Marquette (US)
  • Marussia Motors (Russia)
  • Maruti (India)
  • Matra (France)
  • MAVA-Renault (Greece)
  • Maxwell (US)
  • Maybach (Germany)
  • McLaughlin (Canada)
  • McRae (New Zealand)
  • MEBEA (Greece)
  • Meeussen (Belgium)
  • Mercer (US)
  • Mercury (US)
  • Merkur (US)
  • Messerschmitt (Germany)
  • Meteor (Canada)
  • MG (UK)
  • Metropolitan (UK)
  • Midas (UK)
  • Miesse (Belgium)
  • Minerva (Belgium)
  • Mistral (New Zealand)
  • Monarch (Canada)
  • Monteverdi (Switzerland)
  • Moon (US)
  • Moose Jaw Standard (Canada)
  • Morris (Australia)
  • Morris (UK)
  • Moskvitch (Russia/Bulgaria)
  • Mosler (US)
  • Möve 101 (Austria)
  • MP Lafer (Brazil)

Car Models That Start With M

This is a list of some of the most popular car models that start with the letter M.

These cars have actual car names that begin with M and many of them are still in production today:

  • M Series (BMW)
  • Malibu (Chevrolet)
  • Marathon (Checker)
  • Mark II (Continental)
  • Master (Chevrolet)
  • Matrix (Toyota)
  • MDX (Acura)
  • Metro (Chevolet)
  • MKX (Lincoln)
  • MKZ (Lincoln)
  • Model A (Ford)
  • Model Series (Tesla)
  • Model T (Ford)
  • Monte Carlo (Chevrolet)
  • MR2 (Toyota)
  • Mustang (Ford)
  • Myvi (Perodua)

And there you have it, the M brand and M model cars from around the world!