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Cars That Start With S

Looking for cars that start with the letter S?

Stick around.

We’ve got a list of S car brands and S car models right here.

First up, Car Brands That Start With S.

Car Brands That Start With S

S cars

These are lists of car companies that start with the letter S and car marques/makes that start with the letter S, separated by current and past car companies.

Current Car Brands That Start With S

  • SAIC Motor (China)
  • SAIPA (Iran)
  • Saker (New Zealand)
  • Saleen (US)
  • Sazgar (Pakistan)
  • SCC (US)
  • SEAT (Spain)
  • Shaanxi Automobile Group (China)
  • Shahab Khodro (Iran)
  • Shaka (South Africa)
  • Shelby American (US)
  • Sichuan Tengzhong (China)
  • SIN Cars (Bulgaria)
  • Sisu Auto (Finland)
  • Škoda (Czech Republic)
  • Smart (Germany)
  • Soueast (China)
  • Spada Vetture Sport (Italy)
  • Spania GTA (Spain)
  • Spartan (Australia)
  • Speranza (Egypt)
  • Spyker (Netherlands)
  • Ssangyong (South Korea)
  • SSC (US)
  • Stohr Cars (Australia)
  • Subaru (Japan)
  • Sungri (North Korea)
  • Suzuki (Japan)

Past Car Brands That Start With S

  • Saab (Sweden)
  • Saehan (South Korea)
  • Saenara (South Korea)
  • Salmson (France
  • Santa Matilde (Brazil)
  • Santana (Spain)
  • Saracakis (Greece)
  • Saturn (US)
  • Saviem (France)
  • Scion (Japan)
  • Senova (China)
  • Shinjin (South Korea)
  • Shrike (Australia)
  • Shuanghuan (China)
  • Siata (Italy)
  • Simca (France)
  • Singer (UK)
  • Sipani Motors (India)
  • Southern Cross (Australia)
  • Spartan (UK)
  • Springuel (Belgium)
  • Standard (India)
  • Standard (UK)
  • Statesman (Australia)
  • Staver (US)
  • Stearns-Knight (US)
  • Stelka (Czech Republic)
  • Steyr (Austria)
  • Studebaker (US)
  • Styl Kar (Greece)
  • Sunbeam (UK)
  • Swallow (UK)

Car Models That Start With S

This is a list of some of the most popular car models that start with the letter S.

These cars have actual car names that begin with S and some of them are still in production today:

  • S Series (Audi)
  • S Series (Saturn)
  • S10 (Chevrolet)
  • S2000 (Honda)
  • Sandero (Dacia)
  • Santa Fe (Hyundai)
  • SC (Lexus)
  • Scirocco (Volkswagen)
  • Scoupe (Hyundai)
  • Sedona (Kia)
  • Sentra (Nissan)
  • Sequoia (Toyota)
  • Series II (Excalibur)
  • Seville (Cadillac)
  • Sienna (Toyota)
  • Sierra (GMC)
  • Silver Shadow (Rolls-Royce)
  • Silverado (Chevrolet)
  • SLX (Acura)
  • Solara (Toyota)
  • Sonata (Hyundai)
  • Sorento (Kia)
  • Soul (Kia)
  • Sportage (Kia)
  • SRX (Cadillac)
  • SSR (Chevrolet)
  • Statesman (Nash)
  • STS (Cadillac)
  • Super Six (Hudson)
  • Supra (Toyota)
  • SVX (Subaru)

And there you have it, the S brand and S model cars from around the world!