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18 Cars & Trucks With Bench Seats (2023 Models)

Bench seats in cars and trucks allow for extra passengers in a row. (Granted, that middle seat in a smaller ride is usually pretty tight and good for only the smallest of bottoms.)

They can also be good for hauling things that need a relatively flat surface to lie on. (Though, laydown seats are better for that.)

Still, bench seats do have their purposes and can come in handy from time to time (like on long road trips).

While the bench seats in these cars and trucks are found almost exclusively in the backseats, there are a (very) few outlier trucks that do have benches as their front seats.

Jeep Truck Bench Seat

Jeep Gladiator bench
The Jeep Gladiator Bench

The following Jeep truck has a second-row (back) bench seat.

  • Jeep Gladiator

Ford Car Bench Seats

The following Ford cars and trucks come with bench seats (though, let’s be honest, in the case of the Mustang, the seat’s really not much use):

  • Ford Mustang (Sports Car)
  • Ford Maverick (Truck)
  • Ford Ranger (Truck)
  • Ford F-150 (Truck)
  • Ford Super Duty (Truck) – Front Bench

Chevy Car Bench Seats

The following Chevy cars and trucks come with bench seats:

  • Chevrolet Malibu (Sedan)
  • Chevrolet Colorado (Truck)
  • Chevrolet Silverado (Truck) – Front Bench

GMC Truck Bench Seats

The following GMC trucks come with bench seats:

  • GMC Canyon
  • GMC Sierra 1500 – Front Bench
  • GMC Sierra 2500 – Front Bench
  • GMC Sierra 3500 – Front Bench

Dodge Car Bench Seats

The following Dodge sports cars have bench seats in the backs (they have limited legroom, but they do have them):

  • Dodge Charger
  • Dodge Challenger

Subaru Car Bench Seats

Subaru WRX bench
Subaru WRX Bench.
(Look at that narrow center butt space.)

The following Subaru cars come with bench seats:

  • Subaru Impreza (Hatchback)
  • Subaru Legacy (Sedan)
  • Subaru WRX (Sports Car)

Final Word

While bench seats may not be the most popular seating choice in modern vehicles, but they still hold a special place in the hearts of many drivers.

Offering extra seating space and versatility, they can be found in a range of 2023 models from well-known brands like Jeep, Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge, and Subaru.

From sports cars to trucks, there’s something for everyone in this diverse lineup of vehicles with bench seats.

Whether you’re embarking on a long road trip, looking for a practical work truck, or simply appreciate the nostalgia of a bench seat, these 18 cars and trucks will deliver the functionality and style you crave.