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The 11 Best Class C RV Motorhomes For Your Next Camping Trip [2023 Update]

Traveling across the country in an RV can be an exciting time for couples and families.

It allows the excitement of getting away and visiting campgrounds with the comforts of home and the ability to entertain guests.

However, it can be challenging to find the right motorhome with so many sizes, types, and floorplans that will suit your unique lifestyle.

Determining what you need can require a little time and research.

Motorhomes come in three classes (ABC) as well as fifth-wheel trailers.

Each has its benefits, but the best class C RV Motorhomes exist in the sweet spot between luxury, practicality, and space while still being affordable to various budgets.

What is a Class C RV Motorhome?

Class C exists between the Class A motorhome, the largest and most luxurious, and Class B encased inside a traditional van bodywork.

The least expensive, Class C RV Motorhomes offer a middle-sized motorhome with better handling and enough room for a large family.

Class C RV Motorhomes have a few things in common regardless of budget.

They usually have a Ford, Chevy, or Mercedes-Benz engine and chassis, a bunk over the cab which offers additional sleeping area or storage space, and at least two exits, which provides an extra level of safety.

Standard Features of Class C RV Motorhomes:

  • Ample space and storage
  • 21-35 feet in length
  • Have the ability to tow something like a car with a hitch
  • An entertainment space, with built-in TVs and DVD players
  • Full bathroom amenities are often separated, allowing two people to get ready at once.
  • Sleeps 4 – 8 people
  • Slide-out seating
  • Patio or awning feature
  • Similar driving style to a van or truck, often with added side mirrors to ease maneuvering and parking

What to Consider When Shopping for a Class C RV Motorhome?

The first question you should ask yourself is: new, used, or rent?

There are benefits to buying new or used while renting may be the first choice before deciding to take the leap and purchase, especially if you’re unsure whether you want to make this a regular part of your lifestyle.

Purchasing used may be the right track if you’re new to the lifestyle or have a limited budget.

Whether buying used from a dealership or purchasing directly from an owner, used class C RV motorhomes often have a lot fewer miles than you may expect, used a few times before life interrupted the plans to travel.

Ask lots of questions, including who the motorhome was previously used by and for what activities.

The best used Class C RV should not have sat in a driveway for long periods, even if the low odometer is appealing.

Buying a new class C RV motorhome will be more expensive, but it offers its own benefits.

A new motorhome means having the most up-to-date technology when you purchase from the dealership and the best warranty as it begins when you buy the motorhome.

It’s also important to note that although it will begin to depreciate in value as soon as you drive it off the lot, a class C motorhome has the slowest depreciation rate among recreational vehicles, with fifth-wheel trailers on average having the highest, then Class A and then Class B.

Other Choices to Consider

  • Type of chassis
  • Gasoline or diesel?
  • RV length

Ensure a place to park the RV when it’s not in use if it doesn’t fit in the driveway.

Some communities will not allow large RVs to be parked on the street.

Whether you choose to buy used or new, ask or hire a mechanic to do a thorough inspection on any motorhome before you purchase to ensure you’re getting a vehicle in good working order.   

The Best Class C RV Motorhomes

Here is a list of Class C RV Motorhomes from a range of RV manufacturers who produce quality motorhomes year after year to help narrow down your search.

The list includes motorhomes for various budgets and family sizes and should serve as a good starting point for a new or used purchase.

Older models from the same company should have similar features but always check with the manufacturer.

freelander motorhome

Coachmen Freelander 

Beginning at 24 feet long for the Freelander 21QB, which sleeps 6 to the just under 33 feet long Freelander 31 MB, which sleeps 8, the Coachmen Freelander line’s variety makes it great for groups that travel together and families of both beginner and experienced RVers alike.

The Freelander is a gasoline-powered motorhome line offering a choice of Ford or Chevy chassis and various floorplans to customize your home away from home.

Sleeping options range from queen size beds to standard bunk-over cabs, including safety features like a ladder and child safety net for children wishing to sleep over the cab.

The standard and premium Coachmen Freelander includes plenty of options that even seasoned RVers can appreciate.

There’s a galley with a large double door refrigerator, recessed cooktop, and lots of storage space for preparing meals.

Two TVs plus entertainment options which vary depending on floorplan and package, will keep everyone entertained while they’re inside.

For added safety of its occupant and the environment, each certified “green” Freelander offers essential interior equipment like a carbon monoxide detector, smoke alarm, and fire extinguisher as standard fittings, as well as exterior equipment like backup cameras and exterior, LED tail lights, and marker lights.

Tiffin Wayfarer

The first thing to note about the Tiffin Wayfarer is they want to offer luxury that is usually reserved for Class A motorhomes but in a Class C package.

This diesel motorhome sits on a Mercedes-Benz sprinter chassis rather than Ford or Chevy.

The 2021 model offers features like attention assist, collision prevention, and technology to keep you in your lane.

Approximately 25 feet long, the Wayfarer offers four different floor plans, each of which sleeps 4-6 people.

The plans range from a very open and spacious 25 RW to the 25 LW, which offers even more storage for outdoor enthusiasts who bring their equipment with them.

All of which speak of luxurious camping.

Tiffin offers multiple options for their customers, including the option to switch the Wayfarer’s electrical into a complete solar system with a 190-watt solar panel as well as a lithium battery drop-in solution with the inverter.

The Wayfarer has the standard set of safety features such as a smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, and liquid propane leak detector.

On the outside, side-view mirrors help with maneuverability.

Tiffin offers luxury at a higher price, and new models range on the pricey side for most Class C motorhomes.

However, the cost may be worth it if the Mercedes-Benz chassis and extra driver features appeal.

Dynamax Europa

This Class C motorhome is a Super C RV, which means it offers everything a class C motorhome does, but it has the most spacious floorplan on this list and one of the highest price tags.

It also boasts a Freightliner chassis, usually used in Class A diesel motorhomes.

The standard model includes an 8-person sleeping capacity, a 15,000 BTU air conditioner, tankless water heater, extra-large shower, and a walk-around king-sized bed.

Add-on features for this new RV include items like a washer/dryer combo and other high-end appliances.

2021 Jayco Greyhawk

With five different floorplans, the Jayco Greyhawk offers RVs that vary slightly inside but all maintain a focus on comfort and a familial Southern-style feel all over.

The Greyhawk is less diversified than some other options in a Class C motorhome, offering one option for chassis, a standard gasoline-powered Ford E-450 chassis.

On the longer side of Class C, at 31-32 feet long, the motorhome sleeps eight comfortably with a cab-over bunk, bunk beds, and a private bedroom at the rear with a queen- or king-sized bed.

New and experienced RVers will enjoy the simple but equipped galley that provides enough space for a weekend away or as a full-time kitchen.

Two LED TVs are available for an added cost, in addition to the one TV that is already present in the private bedroom.

Exterior features include an 18-foot awning and one slide-out.

2021 Jayco Redhawk 

There are plenty of similarities between the Jayco Greyhawk and Redhawk lines.

Both use a gasoline-driven Ford chassis, and both offer private bedrooms as part of their sleep design.

However, unlike the 2021 Jayco Greyhawk, the Jayco Redhawk offers seven different floorplans with a range of sleeping options and either 16 feet (2021 Redhawk 24B) or 18-foot awning (31F).

Each Redhawk suggests a modern farmhouse interior design and aesthetic.

It uses woods and natural tones and focuses on plenty of windows to eliminate stale air in the motorhome.

The Redhawk, with its variety of floorplans and smaller-sized RVs, offers a more budget-friendly option to anyone who wishes to look into the Jayco line of Class C RV motorhomes.

There isn’t much difference between the suggested manufacturer-suggested retail price (MSRP) and available options between the two lines.

Thor Tiburon Sprinter

Another luxury Class C RV, the Tiburon Sprinter by Thor, is built similar to the Tiffin Wayfarer on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis and powered by a 3.0L V-6 diesel engine. 

Its higher price tag features multiple electronic options, including cruise control, keyless entry, and a backup monitoring system to ease the use of its 5,000 lb trailer hitch.

The Tiburon measuring in at roughly 24 – 25 feet depending on the floor plan chosen is one of the shorter Class C Motorhomes on this list, but what it lacks in feet, it makes up for in features.

It has three different floor plans, although all three will sleep five people comfortably.

As well, the Tiburon offers similar safety features across all its floorplans as standard, such as safety tread steps, detectors for smoke, liquid propane gas, and carbon monoxide. 

The galley, bathrooms, and entertainment areas all feature modern appliances, and for those who need a big screen on the road, the 24RW floor plan offers a 39 inch LED TV in the living area and a 32 inch LED TV in the bedroom.

For the full-time RVer or someone who needs luxury on the road, the Tiburon, with its plethora of features and electronic add-ons, is a wise investment to have additional space and comfort.

Leprechaun Class C Motorhomes

Also built by Coachmen RV, the Leprechaun line of Class C motorhomes uses a Ford chassis.

It offers a lower price tag for many comparable features of the Freelander, including a 5,000 lb towing hitch. 

A focus on negotiating winding roads and large freshwater tanks make this a great Class C motorhome for dispersed camping.

As well, the aluminum-framed floors make for an RV that’s light but durable while utilizing certified “green” construction practices that may appeal to the eco-friendly customer.

2021 Winnebago View

At 25 1/2 feet long and built on a diesel Mercedes Benz VS30 chassis, the Winnebago View offers three floorplans that each sleep six, a 5000 lb towing hitch, and a 16-foot awning with one slide out.

Each floorplan offers a different set of sleeping arrangements, including a choice between Murphy beds, pantry beds, and the bunk-over cab that sets Class C apart. 

While the Winnebago doesn’t offer some of the indulgences that the Tiffin Wayfarer or Thor Tiburon do, this line of Class C RVs provides comfort and some electronic features for the driver hill start assist and cruise control.

Charging plugs conveniently located throughout the RV, including strategic positions close to sleeping areas, make this an ideal RV for travelers with multiple electronics to charge.

The added safety features and plenty of storage make the Winnebago View an excellent RV for families.

The dinette offers plenty of seatbelts, so parents with children in the back should feel comfortable knowing they’re safe during the drive.

Two floorplans (24D, 24J) also offer a child seat tether anchor. 

Like other Mercedes Benz chassis RVs, this has a higher price tag.

Dynamax Isata 5

If the Dynamax Europa was too much, the Isata 5 also by Dynamax might be more what you’re looking for.

This 32-foot diesel motorhome with three floorplans also uses a Mercedes Benz chassis but isn’t quite as large as the Europa.

The Isata 5 sleeps seven people with a semi-private bedroom complete with a queen-size bed, 3 LED Smart TVs throughout the cabin, including one that is 39″.

Other sleeping options include a sofa, the bunk over cab, and a dinette that folds down into additional sleeping space equivalent to a full-size bunk.

Dynamax offers option packages, including a 4-wheel drive for people who wish to head on more rural roads for their adventures and LED lighting for use when setting up camp after dusk. 

This RV will cost a little more but offer a lot in the way of options. Great for full-time RVers who need more of the comforts of home or may occasionally have guests. 

Winnebago EKKO 22A

Taking over from the now discontinued Winnebago Fuse, the EKKO 22A is the single floorplan option for an agile van style class C motorhome that uses a Ford Transit gasoline chassis. 

This 23-foot RV states it can “go off the grid” with a 5000 lb towing hitch, all-wheel drive, and three solar panels and alternator that charge the batteries while driving.

The EKKO includes a 50-gallon freshwater tank, more significant than a few bigger RVs on this list, allowing the occupants to go longer without filling up.

Although the van style Winnebago may appear to be more of the Class B all-in-one van style RV, the 6 foot 8″ interior height is on par with other Winnebagos and has two awnings and bunk over cab storage. Multiple driver-assist features are standard, including drive assist and collision detection.

The coach sleeps 4 with two twin beds located in the rear and additional under-bed storage for wardrobe or personal items.

Thor Quantum

This line from Thor offers a gasoline choice for people who don’t wish to own a diesel RV like their Tiburon.

The Quantum with either a Chevy V-8 engine and Express chassis or the Ford 7.3 liter V-8 engine with an E-series chassis.

Both structures offer an 8000 lb towing hitch, and either choice opens up six floorplans to suit different lifestyle needs.

Depending on the floorplan, the Thor Quantum sleeps between 4-7 people in various sleeping arrangements, including bunk-over cab sleeping.

Outlets are throughout the cabin, including a 12V outlet for those who require a CPAP machine at night.

For RVers with children, the Quantum has 4-6 seatbelts included depending on the floorplan, a large dinette for games, and plenty of seating inside to keep children occupied while traveling.

The range of floorplans and options means there’s a Quantum available in different budget ranges.

With the more expensive floorplans, washer/dryers are an option and king-size beds in semi-private bedrooms.

Wrap Up

Whether used or new, the best Class C RV Motorhome is one that fits your lifestyle and budget, allowing you to explore the country, get outside and get active.