2016 Fiat 500x vs Mini Countryman

fiat 500x

Here we have a face-off between Fiat’s attempt at breaking into the American market, and MINI’s attempt to preserve their dominance in the compact market. The Fiat 500X vs. the MINI Countryman.

The 500x might be the car to help Fiat make an impact in the US market, with the basic concept of turning a small car into a larger car without losing its signature Fiat characteristics. A compact, useful new model, the 500X is Fiat’s first small crossover SUV, a class of vehicles in high demand these days.

Regarding design and styling, Fiat takes the cake with the 500X. The car was drawn in Italy, and received a classy Audi-like look, walking away from the previous design of its cousin the 500L. The Trekking and Trekking Plus models were presented with a more rugged look in their front and back ends.

The 500X is available in five different styles with front wheel drive: Pop, Easy, Trekking, Lounge, and Trekking Plus. The Easy, Lounge, Trekking, and Trekking Plus models are also available in all wheel drive.

While Fiat is trying to expand its horizons, MINI’s only available all-wheel drive vehicle is back to solidify its place as the king among a growing class of small crossovers.

There are no significant changes in design for the newest version of MINI’s crossover, except for the Park Lane. A special-edition model of the Countryman.

The Countryman is available in two models with front-wheel drive: the 4-Door and the 4-Door S. And in another two models with all-wheel drive: the 4-Door John Cooper Works ALL 4 and the 4-Door ALL 4.

2016 MINI countryman

Where safety is concerned, the 500x has a slight advantage over the Countryman in terms of rankings. While the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named the Countryman a “Top Safety Pick,” the 500X was named a “Top Safety Pick +” by the IIHS.

Both cars split in the fuel economy category. The 4-Door Countryman comes ahead of the 500X Pop in economy driving in the city, with a 27 mpg estimate, while its Italian counterpart consumes an estimated 25 mpg driving in the city.

Nevertheless, the 500X has better highway mileage. Clocking at 34 mpg on the road, against the Countryman’s 32 mpg consumption.

The engine for the base 500X Pop model is a 1.4-liter turbo four with 160 horsepower. All the MINI Countryman models come with 1.6-liter fours engines, the difference is that on the S and John Cooper Works ALL 4 models, the engine is turbocharged, reaching 211 horsepower in the JCW model. The more advanced versions of the Fiat 500X run on a 2.4 engine that can make 180 horsepower.

When it comes to pricing, the Countryman is available at a slightly higher cost, with the regular 4-Door model starting at $22,750 according to MINIUSA.com. And the John Cooper Works ALL 4 version of the Countryman starting at $35,350.

The Fiat 500X is available at a slightly lower price, with the basic 500X Pop starting at $20,000. While the most expensive model is the Trekking Plus, which is starting at $28,210 according to FiatUSA.com.

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