Reasons to Carpool With Your Co-Workers

Carpooling has become a major hit in the past 10 – 15 years. The constant rising prices of gas has generated a huge demand for carpooling services. Typically carpooling was generally thought of as a way to transport children to school or to events. Now times have changed, carpooling is not only for transporting children; but also a great way to travel in general.

Whether you are traveling to work, school, or out of town; carpooling is an interesting option that has many benefits. One major reason for the rising interest in carpooling is less congestion on the highway and roads. By more people ridesharing, there will be less vehicles on the road to cause traffic issues. Some other great options for choosing carpooling are: saving money, companionship, convenience, less pollution, time saver, and driver incentives.

Saving money is always a game changer when it comes to driving. Drivers can save money by not needing to purchase gas as often as they would when driving solo. Drivers can spend less on maintenance and upkeep on vehicles, especially since they will not drive as often when carpooling. Sharing the expense between other carpoolers is very cost effective, no one person carries the load.

Enjoying the company of others while on the road is also a great reason to consider carpooling. Drivers can meet others in their neighborhood, workplace, or schools that have the same interest. Conversations will buzz about on a long drive, instead of being alone with no one to talk to. Carpooling can also generate new friendships, meeting new people is always a plus. Just remember to keep the car interior clean or your co-workers will think that you’re a slob and might not want to carpool with you!

Convenience is a major factor when deciding to carpool. Finding carpoolers that are going to the same location, will give riders the relief of not having to fight for a parking spot. There’s nothing like carpooling and enjoying the comforts of a relaxing and stress free ride. In addition, it is a stress reliever for some, not having to focus on the road and traffic before going to work or school does wonders for the soul.

Let’s not forget about Mother Earth and how carpooling is a way to contribute to her longevity. Carpooling produces less pollutants and emissions into the air, which is extremely harmful for the atmosphere and our bodies. There are studies that show carpooling truly works towards the goals of a greener environment. By carpooling drivers can do their part in saving the earth for our future.

Carpooling is a wonderful way to save time. Sharing a ride with individuals that are going to the same location, will allow riders to focus on other things. Rider sharers can multitasks while riding in a carpool. Just think of how many things you can get done without having to focus on the road. Leave the driving to someone else, at least until it is your turn to drive.

Finally, there are many driver incentives available when carpooling. Many insurance companies offer bonuses for safe driving and carpooling. Employers offer special parking locations for carpoolers, which is really nice. Another incentive is having someone else present when problems arise. It is always great to have someone with you that can aid in solving the issue.

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