Summon Your Tesla Model S With Your Apple Watch

tesla model s

The car of the future is here – and you can control it with your watch. Yeah, sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, but this is legit. You see, there is an app called Remote S that you can install on your Apple Watch that actually lets you summon your Tesla Model S.

The Remote S app was designed exclusively for use with Tesla automobiles. It works with Touch ID, so you don’t need to remember a password. And in tests, this app is actually quicker than the official Tesla app. It has lots of great features when you use it with your Apple Watch, like:

  • Camp Mode that keeps the A/C on for you
  • Adjust the panoramic roof
  • Summon your car to you
  • Start and unlock car
  • See vehicle stats
  • and more!

This app also works with the iPhone and iPad, though there are some features that only work with the Apple Watch.

If you’re interested in seeing this car summoning via your Apple Watch in action, then check out the video below.

More on this at BGR

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