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2022 Toyota Corolla Cross vs. 2022 Kia Seltos

Struggling to tell which of these subcompact SUVs is for you?

Well, look no further.

We’ve pitted the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross against the 2022 Kia Seltos to give you the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed decision.

Toyota Corolla Cross vs. Kia Seltos

2022 Kia Seltos
2022 Kia Seltos

Engine and Transmission

In terms of speed, the Cross takes a comfortable lead over the Kia.

Both have a 2.0-liter engine, but the Seltos is only able to achieve 146 horsepower.

By comparison, the Corolla Cross offers a more substantial 169 horsepower and 151 lb.-ft of torque.

Both come with CVT transmission.

Fuel Economy

The Corolla Cross also wins on fuel economy, providing 31 city/33 highway MPG.

Whereas the Seltos can only manage 25 city/30 highway MPG.

Off-road Capabilities

Off-road performance is important in an SUV, and the Cross travels well over rough terrain due to its 8.1-inch ground clearance.

The Seltos makes for a bumpier ride, with a 7.3-inch minimum ground clearance.

toyota corolla cross
2022 Toyota Corolla Cross

Brakes and Stopping

With larger brake rotors than the other vehicle, 12 inches compared to 11 at the front and 11.1 compared to 10.3 at the rear, the Corolla Cross has superior stopping power.


Both cars have considerable specs in this area, with driver and passenger frontal airbags, traction control, electronic stability systems, rearview cameras, as well as many other capabilities.

However, the Corolla Cross also comes with knee airbags which prevent the legs from hitting the dashboard.


While the Toyota vehicle has a towing capacity of 1500 lbs, Kia hasn’t officially quoted one for the Seltos.

2022 Kia Seltos
2022 Kia Seltos


Each vehicle features a wide front grille and powerful light capabilities, but the Cross packs more punch with its LED bulbs.

Over-fenders and rocker body panels also lend it a more stylish exterior than its competitor.

If you’re looking for heated side mirrors, the Corolla Cross has this feature as standard, but you’ll have to upgrade to have the same on the Seltos.

Interior Features and Technology

Each car starts with cloth seat upholstery, but the Corolla Cross allows you to upgrade to their SofTex fabric at an earlier trim level.

The Corolla Cross is equipped with an 8-inch infotainment system, plus Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard.

To compare, the Seltos’ 10.25-inch touchscreen is quite a lot bigger but can be hard to read at times.

Passenger Space

The Kia provides about an inch less headroom than the Toyota and has more than an inch less leg room up front, at 41.3 inches compared to 42.9 inches.

The Corolla Cross is far more spacious in the rear, though, coming in at 38 inches compared to 32 inches.

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross
2022 Toyota Corolla Cross

Cargo Capacity

In terms of storage, the Kia just beats its rival vehicle with 26.5 cubic feet capacity in the trunk.

Although the Toyota’s storage space is less at 25.2 cubic feet, it does offer an optional power liftgate.

Suspension and Handling

Due to its torsion beam at the rear and independent MacPherson front struts, the Corolla Cross is a more smooth vehicle to drive than the Kia.

The latter has front MacPherson struts and a cooped torsion beam axle at the rear, meaning it doesn’t handle as well.

Tires and Wheels

The Corolla Cross is fitted with 17″ steel alloys and P215/65HR17 tires.

The Seltos comes with 17″ aluminum alloys and P215/55HR17 tires.

Maintenance and Service

The Corolla Cross is provided with 2 years of complimentary, scheduled maintenance, whereas Kia doesn’t offer any complimentary maintenance for theirs.

2022 Kia Seltos
2022 Kia Seltos

Warranty Cover

The Corolla Cross comes with a basic 3-year, or 36,00 miles warranty cover, but the Seltos’ cover is considerably better, at 5 years or 60,000 miles.


Toyota vehicles are considered to be far more reliable than Kias, and this vehicle should be in keeping with its brand’s reputation.

Model Availability

The Seltos has fewer options for drivers to choose from as it is only available as a four-door.

However, the Corolla Cross is available in a four-door, four-door hatchback, or sedan body style.

It also comes as either front-wheel or four-wheel drive.


The Corolla Cross starts at $24,545, and the Seltos starts slightly more expensive at $25,545.

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross
2022 Toyota Corolla Cross

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross vs. 2022 Kia Seltos: Which Crossover SUV is Best for You?

If you’re looking for reliability, fuel economy, and smooth handling, the Corolla Cross is definitely the best option.

But with more room for passengers and ample cargo storage, the Seltos could be the better choice for a large family.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Corolla Cross just about wins the day.

If you agree, it might be time for you to head down to a local Toyota Dealership and try one out for yourself.