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Common Problems With The Honda Rebel 250

Honda is a respected brand in the motorcycle industry. But even so, you may encounter issues with its Rebel 250.

Whether you’re thinking about purchasing a Rebel or already have one and are experiencing issues, we’ll cover the most common problems with the Honda Rebel 250.

4 Common Issues With The Honda Rebel 250

There are four recurring issues consumers face with the Honda Rebel 250.

Let’s look at each one and solutions on how you can prevent or rectify the situation.

1. Fuel in Carburetors

Issues with the fuel in carburetors can occur in any motorcycle that doesn’t undergo routine maintenance.

In the Honda Rebel 250, this problem is most common if you improperly stored your bike and left it for an extended period.

In this case, you might find gumming in the fuel in carburetors, float, and jets, among other places.

Corrosion in the carburetors area is also a common issue when gumming occurs. Often, this is a result of water that condensed in the interior part of your bike.

To prevent carburetor issues with your Honda Rebel 250, make sure to drain the carburetor before you store it. That way, you’ll avoid the problems we described above.

Once you’re ready to ride again, fill up the carburetor with gasoline, and you’ll be good to go.

2. Fuel Line Disintegration

You’ll begin to see a carburetor theme here, as the Honda Rebel 250’s fuel lines are prone to disintegration, and, when this happens, it plugs up the carburetor.

Fuel line disintegration is a more common problem in older Honda models than the newer ones.

So, if you have an older Honda Rebel, it’s important to send your motorcycle in for a regular inspection.

Your mechanic will inspect the fuel lines and clean the carburetor to prevent future blockage.

3. Fuel Filter Rips

Yet again, fuel filter rips directly impact the carburetor because it allows debris to pass through.

If you own a Honda Rebel 250, mechanics strongly recommend adding an extra fuel filter and tightening the screen.

However, before you change up the fuel filter, it’s important to clean the carburetor. You can do this yourself.

But because of all the small parts it contains, it’s best to hire a professional to do it for you if you’re inexperienced.

4. Wearing of Clutch Components

The fact that the Honda Rebel 250 has clutch components that wear quicker than average isn’t entirely a reflection of poor design—the Rebel 250 is for beginners, and beginners often inadvertently abuse the clutch when they’re learning to ride a motorcycle.

Nevertheless, you can expect your Rebel to need a higher-than-average amount of clutch changes.

If you have experience working on bikes, you can change the clutch using an at-home clutch replacement kit.

The good news is that clutch handles are easy to replace and relatively cost-efficient.

Honda Rebel 250 FAQ

Now that we’ve covered some of the most common problems with the Honda Rebel 250 let’s look at popular questions people have when considering whether or not to purchase the bike.

What should I look out for before purchasing a Honda Rebel 250?

The Rebel 250 has a reputation for issues with the carburetor and clutch components.

Therefore, you should ask the owner about the bike’s history to see if the fuel or fuel lines ever gummed up and plugged up the carburetor.

You should also check the fuel filter, which is prone to ripping, although replacement is easy.

Finally, you should test out the clutch components. If they’re worn, you can either have the owner replace them or take them to a shop; it shouldn’t cost too much money.

In addition to the typical Rebel 250 issues mentioned above, you should also inspect the engine, spark plugs, suspension, and headlamp assemblies before making your purchase.

Because this motorcycle hasn’t been in production since 2016, don’t expect to find a perfect bike.

However, it’s easy and cheap to find these bike replacements, so don’t feel too intimidated if the motorcycle needs some work.

How can I prevent issues with the Honda Rebel 250?

You can prevent problems with the Honda Rebel 250 like you would any other motorcycle—by routine maintenance and ensuring that you’re not abusing your ride.

Also, try your best to learn how to use the clutch early on in your riding career since it will reduce the number of times you need to change the clutch components.

How good is the Honda Rebel 250 for beginners?

The Honda Rebel 250 is an excellent bike for beginners.

It has an over thirty-year history of being on and off the market, always geared towards newbie riders.

The Rebel 250 has a modest 234cc engine and 16 horsepower.

That means that it would be difficult to inadvertently drive yourself into an obstacle as beginners could do with a larger engine and more horsepower.

Stability is an iconic feature of the Rebel 250. It has a wide 57″ wheel-base, a seat height of 26.5, and weighs approximately 320 pounds.

It’s incredibly lightweight, making it easy to maneuver. That said, people on the taller end of the spectrum will likely feel that the bike is too small for them.

Is it best to buy the Honda Rebel 250 new or used?

Since the Rebel went out of production in 2016, you’ll only ever find it used.

The good news is that there are many of these used bikes for sale, which is likely because people want to move on to a more challenging bike once they learn the ropes of riding.

The trick is finding a well-maintained Rebel 250 and one with an owner who drove it with care; since the bike is for beginners, owners may inadvertently ride in a way that decreases the bike’s lifespan.

If you prefer a new Honda Rebel, they’re available in larger sizes, including the 300, 500, and 1100.

How much does a Honda Rebel 250 cost?

The Rebel 250 is an excellent value because years have passed since Honda stopped production. The exact price will vary depending on the bike’s mileage, condition, and location.

However, you can expect to pay around $2,000 for a Rebel 250 in decent shape.

If you have mechanic skills, you can purchase an even cheaper Rebel 250 and fix it up.

However, you might not want to pour too much money into your new bike because you likely want to use it to learn.

There’s a big learning curve with motorcycle riding, so your Rebel 250 could take a beating.

That said, it’s a good idea to check the carburetors and clutch components before purchasing your bike because their deterioration are some common problems that the Honda Rebel 250 faces.

Can you customize the Honda Rebel 250?

The Rebel 250 offers an excellent frame for customizations. The addition of saddlebags, a windshield, and even converting it to a cafe racer are all options for making the bike your own.

That said, before you begin customizing your Rebel 250, consider what your future motorcyclist self might want.

The Rebel 250 is very much a beginner bike, meaning that it’s easy to outgrow.

Therefore, you might be better off saving up your bike personalization for your next purchase (and hopefully when you’ll have more experience, thus reducing the chances of you crashing your bike).

Overall Thoughts About the Quality of the Honda Rebel 250

If you find a motorcycle that is 100% free of glitches, by all means, let us know. Despite the common problems we covered here, the Honda Rebel 250 is a high-quality beginner bike.

These days, you’ll only be able to find the Honda Rebel 250 as a used motorcycle since they’re no longer in production.

However, it’s easy to find parts for it, and they’re typically not any more expensive than motorcycle brands currently on the market.