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Wicked Nice Cars with Wicked Nice Features

Every car is worth a look. With the technological advancements and innovations in vehicles today, even the least expensive cars on the market have some interesting elements integrated into their designs.

The Chevy Spark, the cheapest ride on the market when bought new, is not only cute and compact, but has some impressive safety features and all the digital connection tools you’ve come to expect in a new vehicle.

Today’s cars are nice, that’s all there is to it, from the highest-end to the most budget-friendly.

But this isn’t just about nice cars.

When you’re a true car aficionado, you know all cars are nice in their own ways.

This is about finding the cars that take “nice” to the extreme.

To the next level. The regal cars. The sexy cars.

The cars that elevate driving to the ultimate experience.

These are cars that are straight out of the movies. Or the future.

But some of them present here and now.

The kind of cars that will melt your eyeballs and waggle your tongue if you’re lucky enough to be in the same room with them.

Buckle up, fellow car lovers. We’re going on a hallucinatory joyride.

Wicked Nice Cars of the Immediate Future

Not all nice cars already in existence are available for public consumption. But they are getting very close.

These three rides are on the verge of release, just waiting at the starting line for the flag to wave.

Renault Trezor


Expected to be released in 2020 (but what did go as expected in 2020?), the Renault Trezor was first unveiled in 2016 at the Paris Motor Show.

It won “Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year” from Festival Automobile International, and had all the makings of a luxury sports car owner’s wet dream.

Of all the vehicle designers/manufacturers, Renault has, arguably, the fullest, most exciting line of concept cars that will never make it to market.

But the fully electric Trezor was expected to.

So far, nothin’.

Maybe it has something to do with the absolutely wild, door-less design that requires a bit of athleticism to enjoy.

Instead of opening a door and disembarking at foot level, the entire top of the car lifts and driver and passenger climb in and out over the side.

It looks cool, but could prove pretty intimidating for those of us who aren’t in Dukes of Hazzard shape.

Still, from the sleek exterior design to the absolutely mouth-watering interior, the Trezor is the definition of “nice.”

Tesla Roadster

roaster small

Marketed as the “quickest car in the world,” the Tesla Roadster is already at the top of many drivers’ dream car lists.

It claims a 1.9-second 0-60 acceleration, which beats even future competitors.

Though one car, the Rimac C Two, claims to reach 60 mph .05 seconds faster than the Roadster.

Whichever car would get off the starting line first, there is no denying the Roadster is nice from its sleek handle-less doors to its aerodynamic design to its convertible glass roof.

Tesla has made promises about the Roadster on several occasions, and keeps pushing back the projected release.

Maybe 2022? 2023?

Still, it has a better chance of making it to the roads than the Trezor.

BMW i4

bmw i4

Once a concept, now all but a certainty, the BMW i4 is set to be the fastest, most powerful electric car in BMW’s arsenal.

And that’s just what’s under the hood.

The i4 has a smooth, roomy design mid-way between a coupe and a sedan with all the luxurious touches and safety features you expect from BMW.

It’s simplistic next to the Trezor and Roadster, and takes twice as long to get to 60 mph.

But, for everyday use and road-tripping, it’s far more realistic.

If we were the guessing types, we would anticipate this future car being the first of the three off the production line.

Wicked Nice Cars of the Here and Now

Sure, we’re all holding out for the hovercraft car that will sprout wings and fly us over traffic and debris in the road, but we don’t have to reach into the future to find a wicked nice ride.

These cars aren’t quite futuristic, but a couple of them are close to it, and they are definitely nice rides.

Lister Stealth/Jaguar F-Pace/Jaguar E-Pace

Lister Stealth

What makes the Lister Stealth such a wicked nice car? It’s based on a wicked nice base model souped up for even greater performance.

Lister markets the Stealth as Britain’s Fastest SUV, and it may well be that.

But with its 666-horsepower and a 3.6-second 0-60 acceleration it also has to be one of the fastest SUVs in the world.

It’s also super expensive, over a hundred grand in USD, and Lister plans to make only 100 production models total.

But good news. You don’t need all that extra engine, or the hundred grand, to get a lot of that performance and style.

The Lister Stealth is simply a jacked Jaguar F-Pace, which you can get your hands on without all the competition at half the price.

And, if 50 grand still seems like too much for a wicked nice ride, the E-Pace is Jaguar’s smaller, slightly less powerful model in the same line, and will get you nearly equal luxury for nearly $10,000 less. (I got put in one once when it was the only SUV model left at a rental office, and it was a helluva an upgrade.)

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

Superleggera again

With more horsepower (715) and faster acceleration (0 to 62 mph in 3.4 seconds), the DBS Superleggera is an even better performer than the Lister Stealth.

It should be. It costs over $300,000.

While that puts the Superleggera out of reach for many of us mortal souls, we can’t deny it’s a VERY. NICE. CAR.

From its sleek, aerodynamic sports car exterior to the wicked interior detailing, this car is nice-nice.

Those seats. Seriously, sit in one and you just want to nuzzle it like a pet.

The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is an absolute beaut designed for top-level comfort and top-level driving. Truly, a fantasy car come to life.

Nissan 370Z

nissan 370z

Now, that we’ve dabbled in the stratosphere, let’s bring things a little bit closer to Earth.

If you’re a believer in Nissan sports cars, then you know just how good the driving can be. The Nissan 370Z continues in this tradition.

The 370Z isn’t doing any envelope-pushing when it comes to power, but it’s got enough – 332 horses – and if you like your dials and gauges where you can see them, the 370Z’s placement is just right.

While the 370Z comes in multiple trims, it’s best at its base model.

The top-of-the-line Nismo only increases the power to 350-hp, and the $45,000 price point has you brushing up against models with a lot more to work with.

But, at its base, the 370Z looks good, drives better, and is a steal compared to the other cars on this list, which makes it worth a second glance.