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Can You Buy A Motorcycle Without A License?

Before you can legally drive a motorcycle, you need to have a motorcycle license. But, do you need to have that license before you purchase a new motorcycle?

In most situations, the answer is no.

You do not need to have a motorcycle license to purchase a motorcycle.

But, you do need one if you plan to take a bike for a test drive.

Without a motorcycle license, you won’t be able to find out if you like the motorcycle you plan to buy.

Do I Need a Photo ID?

Since states register motorcycles in the same way as cars, people who buy them need identification.

You can show the dealership your driver’s license as proof of identification.

Whether you pay for the motorcycle in cash or get a loan to buy it, the dealership will ask for a photo ID so they can accurately complete the state registration form.

Otherwise, motorcycle dealers and private sellers want to sell their bikes.

They don’t care what your plans are after you purchase the motorcycle. You can buy the bike for yourself, as a gift for a loved one, or for another reason.

All the seller cares about is that you pay for it.

Will I Need Proof of Insurance?

You don’t need a motorcycle license to buy a motorcycle.

But, you most likely need motorcycle insurance.

If you pay cash for the cycle and are not driving it off the lot, you might not need to show proof of insurance.

However, if you are paying with a loan, the lender will require proof of insurance.

Can I Drive a Motorcycle Without a License?

Without a valid motorcycle license, you can get into legal trouble if you drive one.

A typical driver’s license is only valid for driving passenger cars or trucks. If you drive a motorcycle without a license and get caught, you could face hefty fines.

Along with fines, you could also face lawsuits for driving without a license.

If you get into an accident while driving without a license, the accident victims could sue you.

Therefore, if you buy a motorcycle without a license, you should figure out a legal way to get the cycle home.

How Do I Buy a Motorcycle Without a License?

When buying a motorcycle without a license, you should have a plan for bringing it home before you begin negotiations.

Driving a bike is not as easy as it looks, which is why states require people to learn how to drive one before they get a license.

You could hurt yourself or someone else if you try to ride a motorcycle before getting the property training.

Fortunately, you have options for getting the motorcycle off of the lot if you are not legally able to drive the bike yourself.

Some dealerships have delivery services. For a small fee, they will bring the motorcycle to your home.

Find out what the cost is before you commit to paying it.

Another option is trailering the motorcycle.

Renting a motorcycle carrier or tow dolly is inexpensive, but you might need to invest in tie-downs if you cannot rent them with the trailer.

If you have a friend with a trailer, ask them if you can borrow it or if they can help you.

The other option is to find a friend with a motorcycle license.

If you ask a friend to drive your new motorcycle home for you, check with your insurance—some insurance coverage limits who can drive a household’s vehicles.

Also, be sure your friend is still capable of driving a motorcycle.

No matter how you bring the motorcycle home, having it insured is essential.

Accidents happen when we least expect them. Even if the cycle is on a trailer, it could be damaged, and having insurance protects your investment.

How Do I Insure the Motorcycle?

Most states require that motorcycles have insurance.

Even if you are not planning on driving the bike, you probably should insure it to protect yourself and anyone who might drive the cycle.

Buying insurance without a motorcycle license can prove challenging.

Insurance companies look at driving records and credit scores to determine rates. If you do not have a license, some companies might not be willing to give you a policy.

Rather than trying to buy insurance online, you should call a local company.

An insurance representative will guide you through the process of buying motorcycle insurance without a license.

Remember that insurance companies will need to see your ID before they issue a policy, so you will need to show them your driver’s license or another form of identification.

Before an insurance company issues a policy, you might need to have a primary driver.

You might also need to exclude yourself from the coverage until you get a legal motorcycle license.

Be prepared to accept the possibility that you cannot insure the cycle until you get your license.

Some insurance companies charge more for policies if you have a lapse in coverage.

Solve the Problem

If you want to avoid the headaches that come with buying a motorcycle without a license, you could get a motorcycle license.

Some people will buy a bike before getting a license because the price is too good to pass up.

However, if you buy a new motorcycle with a hefty sticker price, having a license to drive it makes the process much easier.

Some people like to buy their first motorcycle when they have their learner’s permit because they need to practice before getting their official license.

If you do this, you might want to consider buying an inexpensive cycle.

While learning to drive a motorcycle, you might have minor incidents.

Dings and scratches on a $500 cycle aren’t as worrisome as they are on a $10,000 bike.

Don’t forget your safety gear while you are learning to ride.

Do Your Homework

Before buying a motorcycle without a license, do your homework to ensure you have the means to get the cycle home.

Figure out what you will do for insurance and how to get a loan if you need one.

Preparation makes the entire process easier to complete.

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