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Does Walmart Do Alignments?

With a car comes some maintenance requirements, and having your wheels aligned is just one of those requirements.

Having a reliable set of wheels is a great blessing as it gives you the freedom to go wherever you want. 

Wheel alignment can be an annoying part of owning a car, but a somewhat necessary one.

If you have a Walmart Auto Care Center near your home, you might wonder, “does Walmart do wheel alignments?“.

While they used to, Walmart no longer offers alignments.

In this article, we will look at the auto services Walmart offers, as well as the costs involved for services at Walmart Auto Care Centers. 

Wheel Alignment Services at Walmart Auto Care Center

Auto mechanic at wheel alignment work with spanner

Unfortunately, as of 2021, Walmart no longer offers wheel alignments.

Although there are a lot of other auto services Walmart does offer, wheel alignment is just not one of them.

The other services offered at Walmart are quite affordable and worth investigating more.

Services Offered At Walmart Auto Care Centers

While it may not be possible to get tire alignment services at Walmart, there are still plenty of other car services – including tire services – that can provide you with affordable car maintenance.

Not only can you get car service performed, but while you wait, you can walk around this superstore to find plenty of affordable auto parts, such as accessories, motor oil, or new wiper blades.

Here is a breakdown of the costs of the convenient services offered at Walmart.

Walmart Tire Services

You can bring your new tires with you, and Walmart will mount the tires for an additional cost.

You can also get tire rotation and balancing done here if you find your steering wheel is shaking while you drive.

For concerns about flat tires in the future, you can purchase a road hazard protection warranty.

Apart from the paid services, you can also get some free services at Walmart when it comes to your tires, such as a 50-mile retorque (excluding parts) or TPMS re-learn.

There is also the value tire installation package, which includes all the basic services – excluding the road hazard warranty.

The cost of tire services are:

  • Mounting your Walmart tires: $11 per tire
  • Mounting your non-Walmart tires: $11 per tire
  • Lifetime balance and rotation: $14 per tire
  • Road hazard protection warranty: $10 per tire
  • Valve stem installation: $3 per tire
  • Tubeless flat tire repair services: $15
  • Rotation of tires: $5
  • Replacing lug nut: $3.50
  • TPMS re-learn: FREE
  • 50-mile retorque (excluding parts): FREE

Walmart Oil Changes

Oil changes are a part of regular car upkeep to ensure your car functions at its best.

Walmart offers a variety of oil changes, including the oil and the filter.

You can also get free inspections during an oil change service, such as checking your tire pressures or battery charge.

The costs of oil change services are:

  • Synthetic: $54.88
  • Standard: $34.88
  • High-Mileage: $44.88
  • Semi-Synthetic: $44.88
  • Pit crew: $24.88

Walmart Car Battery

If you buy a new battery at Walmart, you might as well have the Walmart technicians help you install it.

Installation of Walmart batteries is free, but if you bring an outside battery to Walmart for installation, you will be charged a small fee.

Most auto care centers will also inspect the health of your car’s battery and clean off any corrosion.

The cost of battery services are:

  • Battery installation (Walmart battery): FREE
  • Battery installation (carry-in battery): $15
  • Corrosion removal: $5
  • Battery terminal-end (excluding parts): $10

Walmart Fuel System Services

Walmart may not be able to help with car alignment, but it can help with another crucial part of maintenance; your fuel system.

A properly maintained fuel system can increase fuel efficiency.

Some Walmarts offer discounted fuel services when combined with other services, so you might as well have the technicians take a look while getting an oil change or tire rotation.

The costs of fuel system maintenance services are:

  • Fuel system costs start at: $20
  • Fuel system with synthetic oil change: $64.88

Additional Automotive Services at Walmart

At Walmart, you will find a lot of the car services you need.

Apart from the important services listed above, Walmart also offers smaller services at affordable costs.

Here is a breakdown of additional car services offered by Walmart:

  • New wiper blade and installation: $10 per blade
  • Air filter installation: FREE
  • Headlight installation (excluding parts): $10 per headlight
  • Headlight restoration: $26.88
  • Miniature bulb installation: $7.50 per bulb
  • Refrigerant recharge (selected stores only; excluding parts): $69.88
  • Transmission fluid exchange (selected stores only; excluding parts): $59.88
  • Coolant exchange (selected stores only; excluding parts): $29.88

You can see a complete list of services and costs on Walmart’s website.

Where To Get Wheel Alignment Done?

Now that you know that Walmart does not offer wheel alignments, you are still in a pickle – where can you get your wheels aligned, and how much does tire alignment cost?

More than 100,000 vehicle service locations across the US offer wheel alignments at prices ranging from $50 to $100.

Some services even offer a free wheel alignment check.

It would be best if you had your car’s wheels aligned regularly; here are some other Auto Care Centers to consider:

  • Goodyear
  • Firestone Complete Auto Care
  • Sears Auto Center
  • Big O Tires
  • Tire Discounters
  • Mr. Tire
  • NTB Tire Service Centers

Other Tire Alignment Facts

How much does a wheel alignment cost?

The cost of wheel alignments depends on the service provider, as well as the number of tires you are having aligned.

Front-end alignment usually only aligns the two front wheels and can cost between $50 to $75.

Getting a four-wheel alignment done can cost around $100 – $160.

Can I have my tires rotated and balanced at Walmart Auto Care Centers?

Yes, Walmart does offer Lifetime tire balancing and rotation at $14 per tire.

Alternatively, you can do tire rotation only for $5 per tire.

Should I get my wheels aligned after purchasing new tires?

It would be a good idea to get a wheel alignment done after installing new tires, as it will ensure you get the longest lifespan and the smoothest drive from the tires.