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Cars That Start With A

Looking for cars that start with the letter A?


There are two types of A names cars might have, either their brand name might start with an A or their model name might start with an A.

To cover, our bases, we’ve included both.

So, here’s our list of A car brands and A car models.

First up, Car Brands That Start With A.

Car Brands That Start With A

A cars

This are lists of car companies that start with the letter A and car marques/makes that start with the letter A, separated by current and past car companies.

(You can find more about each brand below.)

Current Car Brands That Start With A

  • Abarth (Italy)
  • ABT Sportsline (Germany)
  • AC Cars (UK)
  • Acura (Japan)
  • Agrale (Brazil)
  • AIL (Israel)
  • Aixam (France)
  • Alfa Romeo (Italy)
  • Almac (New Zealand)
  • Alpina (Germany)
  • Alpine (France)
  • Alternative Cars (New Zealand)
  • AM General (US)
  • Anteros (US)
  • Arash (UK)
  • Arcimoto (US)
  • Ariel (UK)
  • Arrinera (Poland)
  • Artega (Germany)
  • Aspark (Japan)
  • Aspid (Spain)
  • Aston Martin (UK)
  • Audi (Germany)
  • Aurica (US)
  • Avia (Czech Republic)

Past Car Brands That Start With A

  • Acadian (Canada)
  • Adam Motor Company (Pakistan)
  • ADK (Belgium)
  • Aero (Czech Republic)
  • Ajax (US)
  • Alatac (Belgium)
  • Albion (UK)
  • Alesbury (Ireland)
  • Allard (UK)
  • Alpha Sports (Australia)
  • Alta (Greece)
  • Alvis (UK)
  • AMC (US)
  • American Simplex (US)
  • Amherst (Canada)
  • Amilcar (France)
  • Amphicar (Germany)
  • Amplex (US)
  • Anadol (Turkey)
  • Anasagasti (Argentina)
  • Andino (Argentina)
  • Anglo-Dane (Denmark)
  • Anziel (New Zealand)
  • Apal (Belgium)
  • Apal (Germany)
  • Armston Siddeley (UK)
  • ASA (Argentina)
  • ASA (Italy)
  • Ascari (UK)
  • Ascort (Australia)
  • Asia (South Korea)
  • Aspa (Czech Republic)
  • Astra (Belgium)
  • Asüna (Canada)
  • Attica (Greece)
  • Auburn (US)
  • Austin (Australia)
  • Austin (UK)
  • Austin-Healey (UK)
  • Australian Six (Australia)
  • Australis (Australia)
  • Austro-Daimler (Austria)
  • Austro-Tatra (Austria)
  • Auto Union (Germany)
  • Auto-Mixte (Belgium)
  • Autobianchi (Italy)
  • Autocars (Israel)
  • Autokinitoviomihania Ellados (Greece)
  • Automeccanica (Greece)
  • Autozam (Japan)
  • Aziz (Azerbaijan)

Car Names & Models That Start With A

This is a list of some of the most popular car models that start with the letter A.

These cars have actual car names that begin with A and many of them are still in production today:

  • A112 (Autobianchi)
  • A3 (Audi)
  • A310 (Alpine)
  • A4 (Audi)
  • A5 (Audi)
  • A6 (Audi)
  • A7 (Audi)
  • A8 (Audi)
  • Acadia (GMC)
  • Accord (Honda)
  • Aerio (Suzuki)
  • Alfasud (Alfa Romeo)
  • Almera (Nissan)
  • Altima (Nissan)
  • Alto (Suzuki)
  • Ambassador (Hindustan)
  • Astro (Chevrolet)
  • ATS (Cadillac)
  • Avalanche (Chevrolet)
  • Avalon (Toyota)
  • Avanza (Toyota)
  • Aveo (Chevrolet)

Current ‘A’ Car Brand Name Glossary

  • Abarth (Italy): Performance-oriented Fiat subsidiary
  • ABT Sportsline (Germany): Aftermarket tuning for Audi and VW
  • AC Cars (UK): Makers of the iconic AC Cobra
  • Acura (Japan): Honda’s luxury vehicle division
  • Agrale (Brazil): Commercial and agricultural vehicles
  • AIL (Israel): Military and off-road vehicles
  • Aixam (France): Microcars and light quadricycles
  • Alfa Romeo (Italy): Italian luxury and sports cars
  • Almac (New Zealand): Kit car manufacturer
  • Alpina (Germany): High-performance BMW variants
  • Alpine (France): French sports car revival
  • Alternative Cars (New Zealand): Miniature car kits
  • AM General (US): Military and utility vehicles
  • Anteros (US): Custom luxury sports cars
  • Arash (UK): Limited-production hypercars
  • Arcimoto (US): Three-wheeled electric vehicles
  • Ariel (UK): Lightweight, high-performance cars
  • Arrinera (Poland): Polish supercars
  • Artega (Germany): Small-scale sports car manufacturer
  • Aspark (Japan): Electric hypercars
  • Aspid (Spain): Advanced engineering sports cars
  • Aston Martin (UK): British luxury sports cars
  • Audi (Germany): Luxury vehicles with a focus on tech
  • Aurica (US): Electric vehicle development
  • Avia (Czech Republic): Commercial trucks

Past ‘A’ Car Brand Name Glossary

  • Acadian (Canada): Canadian badge-engineered Chevrolets
  • Adam Motor Company (Pakistan): Budget cars and trucks
  • ADK (Belgium): Early 20th-century trucks
  • Aero (Czech Republic): Pre-WWII Czech cars
  • Ajax (US): Short-lived Nash subsidiary
  • Alatac (Belgium): Vintage family cars
  • Albion (UK): Commercial vehicles and buses
  • Alesbury (Ireland): Vintage Irish cars
  • Allard (UK): Post-war sports cars
  • Alpha Sports (Australia): Kit and sports cars
  • Alta (Greece): Small cars and jeeps
  • Alvis (UK): Luxury and military vehicles
  • AMC (US): Innovators in compact cars
  • American Simplex (US): Early American luxury cars
  • Amherst (Canada): Short-lived early cars
  • Amilcar (France): Vintage sports cars
  • Amphicar (Germany): Amphibious cars
  • Amplex (US): Early 20th-century vehicles
  • Anadol (Turkey): Turkey’s first domestic car brand
  • Anasagasti (Argentina): Early Argentinian cars
  • Andino (Argentina): Argentina’s mid-century cars
  • Anglo-Dane (Denmark): Early Danish automobiles
  • Anziel (New Zealand): Prototype sedans
  • Apal (Belgium): Kit cars and buggies
  • Apal (Germany): Replicas and conversions
  • Armston Siddeley (UK): Luxury British cars
  • ASA (Argentina): Utility vehicles
  • ASA (Italy): Small, high-performance cars
  • Ascari (UK): British supercars
  • Ascort (Australia): 1950s sports cars
  • Asia (South Korea): Commercial vehicles
  • Aspa (Czech Republic): Small pre-war cars
  • Astra (Belgium): Cars and buses
  • Asüna (Canada): Badge-engineered GM cars
  • Attica (Greece): Microcars and mopeds
  • Auburn (US): Classic American luxury cars
  • Austin (Australia): British cars under license
  • Austin (UK): Mass-market British cars
  • Austin-Healey (UK): British sports cars
  • Australian Six (Australia): Early Australian cars
  • Australis (Australia): Short-lived small cars
  • Austro-Daimler (Austria): Austrian luxury cars
  • Austro-Tatra (Austria): Austrian trucks
  • Auto Union (Germany): Predecessor to Audi
  • Auto-Mixte (Belgium): Early hybrid vehicles
  • Autobianchi (Italy): Fiat’s small car subsidiary
  • Autocars (Israel): Israel’s first car manufacturer
  • Autokinitoviomihania Ellados (Greece): Greek military vehicles
  • Automeccanica (Greece): Greek microcars
  • Autozam (Japan): Mazda’s sub-brand
  • Aziz (Azerbaijan): Limited Azerbaijani vehicles

And there you have it, the A brand and A model cars from around the world!