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4 New Cars & SUVs With CD Players (2023 Models)

If you have a massive CD collection and are looking for a vehicle that can spin your favorite discs, you’ve got your work cut out for you these days.

CD players are one of those car accessories that have gone by the wayside as smartphones and digital downloads have taken over the music scene.

Barring a resurgence in the popularity of compact discs, à la vinyl records, CD players are likely to be completely obsolete in vehicles soon enough.

Nissan Maxima CD player
2023 Nissan Maxima Dashboard With CD Player

As of 2023, there are a handful of vehicle models that still have standard CD players, mostly holdovers from previous years (i.e. no major upgrades were made to the model).

Here are four popular cars that fit the bill (at least in their 2023 models):

1 – Subaru Outback Touring (SUV)

2023 Subaru Outback Touring (SUV)

Subaru sells two trims of its Outback Touring – the Touring and the Touring XT – and both of them have CD players.

The Touring trim is the only Outback trim that does still have CD players, though, so we’ll see how long it lasts.

So, ya may wanna looking into getting this one in the 2023 model since it still has a CD player.

2 – Subaru Legacy Touring XT (Mid-Size Sedan)

2023 subaru legacy interior

Same deal with the Subaru Legacy.

It only sports a standard CD player in its Touring trim.

In the case of the Legacy, there is only one Touring trim – the Touring XT.

3 – Nissan Maxima SV (Sedan/Sports Car)

2023 Nissan Maxima SV interior with cd player

For now, the popular Nissan Maxima still comes with a standard, built-in CD player built as part of its sound system.

But only on its SV trim.

The higher-level Nissan Maxima SR & Nissan Maximum Platinum don’t have CD players.

Neither do any of Nissans other sedans.

4 – Lexus LC 500

2023 Lexus LC 500 interior

As far as CD players across an entire line, Lexus was the last remaining holdout, keeping CD players standard in most of their most popular vehicles through their 2022 models.

But, like other manufacturers, Lexus has been rapidly phasing CD players out in 2023.

The 2023 version of the popular LC 500 still has one, but previews show it’s gone by the redesigned 2024 model.

So, if you want your LC 500 with a CD slot, you’d best get it while the gettin’s good.