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6 Cars With Secret Compartments

Hidden compartments in your car are an undeniably exciting feature.

Something about that extra level of secrecy lends a whole new level of enjoyment to your car.

They’re conveniently positioned, great for storage space, and for stopping mess piling up inside your vehicle.

Today we’re going to take a look at different vehicles which come with hidden storage compartments.

1. Jeep Grand Cherokee

2020 jeep grand cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a classic blend of off-road capability and high-end comfort, offering everything you could want from an SUV.

Whether you’re on the highway or the trail, the Grand Cherokee will make you feel right at home.

Jeep didn’t officially announce any hidden compartments in this vehicle, but some keen-eyed owners have tracked some down.

If you remove the bin, located power by the accessories power socket, you’ll be able to access a secret compartment where you can store items as large as an iPad.

The bin is held in place with tabs, so you’ll need to be a little firm when you remove it.

Also, it won’t sit perfectly if you’re storing anything in there as the bin’s base usually sits below the floor.

2. Infiniti G35 (and G37)

infiniti g37

The Infiniti G35 coupe already comes replete with stacks of cabin room and storage space as well as solid fuel economy uncommon in coupes, making it an unusually practical sedan.

It stopped production in 2008 but not before acquiring some controversy regarding its hidden compartments.

It turned out that the rear armrest concealed a hidden space where people could store small objects.

The NYPD even issued a directive telling officers to keep an eye out for criminals who might be using this hidden spot to hide illegal contraband, though Infiniti was quick to say this spot was intended for holding first-aid supplies.

The G35 has been discontinued, so you can get one cheaply, but if you want a newer model, the G37 is equipped with the same hidden compartment.

3. Toyota Avalon

Toyota Avalon

As family sedans go, they don’t come much better equipped than the roomy, well-appointed Toyota Avalon, with its energy-conscious fuel and extensive cargo space, and that’s without mentioning its hidden compartments.

If the oversized trunk isn’t enough for you, look under the trunk and you’ll find a button that opens a compartment perfect for storing small items.

Even without the hidden storage spots, this sedan is a comfortable, high-tech family sedan option with swathes of space.

4. Volkswagen Passat

2022 vw passat

The Passat isn’t the most exciting-looking vehicle, but its straightforward utilitarian design is perfect for families looking for simple functionality.

Its spacious cabin and above-average cargo capacity cater for both day-to-day trips and longer hauls.

According to Passat owners, there’s a secret storage compartment located to the left of the dashboard and a slightly less well-hidden storage spot on the rear center folding armrest.

For more obvious extra storage spots, you’ve got a center console on the front and back seats and a sunglasses holder behind the sunroof switch, if you own the model with the optional sunroof.

5. Volkswagen Golf GTI

2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is a classic sporty number from the Golf lineup that also offers a dose of practicality for those looking for a straightforward everyday vehicle.

GTI owners also report a bunch of hidden sections for securely storing your things, such as spare change or important documents.

It turns out Golf has been putting hidden storage spots in the space beneath the cup holder, underneath the center console, under the back seat, and behind the dash vents. You can also lift the shift boot to hold extra cargo.

6. Buick Enclave

2022 buick enclave

Many manufacturers leave car owners to discover their hidden storage spots; Buick is one of the few that are known for openly putting hidden compartments in their cars.

The Enclave boasts 3.75ft of hidden storage; the most out of the six vehicles on our list. 3.1ft of this is made up of a large underfloor cargo hold, perfect for storing extra cargo or hiding gifts from your kids.

If you want to store smaller items, there’s the center console with a removable false floor, as well as a large glovebox for quick access to important items.

If you can stomach the Enclave’s premium price tag, which is comparable to manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz and BMW, ten its capacious cabin and comfortable driving experience make it a competitive choice.


What car has the most secret compartments?

With 3.75ft of hidden storage, the Buick Enclave offers the most secret storage on our list today.

buuck enclave hidden compartment

Is it illegal to have a secret compartment in your car in Texas?

There is no law in Texas against having a secret compartment in your vehicle.

How do I find a hidden compartment in my car?

The best way to find a hidden compartment in your car is by checking the owner’s manual.

If the manufacturer is upfront about their secret hiding spots, you can find them there.

Failing that, you can give it a Google search to see if other owners have found one or go on a hunt for one yourself!

Which car manufacturers are open about putting secret compartments in their vehicles?

Buick is the most honest manufacturer regarding hidden spots in vehicles and prides itself on this.

buuck enclave hidden compartment

Final Thoughts

Extra space in any car is a great selling point.

We all know how quickly mess can build up in cars, so having extra spots to keep important things you might need quick access to is a bonus.

Car manufacturers show invention and creativity when hiding these convenient storage spots in their cars, so maybe yours has one you haven’t found yet!