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Where Is The Toyota Prius Made?

The hybrid Toyota Prius is sold in over 90 countries, making it one of the most popular Toyota models.

The first hybrid car from Toyota uses a combination of traditional power with an oversized nickel-metal hydride battery that blends excellent mileage with comfortable passenger room and cargo space, making it perfect for family trips.

This car has experienced massive success, and Toyota has since gone on to create several spin-offs, including the Toyota Prius Prime and Toyota Prius Family.

Today we’re going to take a look at where the Toyota Prius hybrid is made.

Where is Toyota Prius Produced for the US Market?

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Though it is a popular car in the North American market, there are no Toyota Prius models built in the US.

So where is the Prius made?

The Toyota Prius is currently only produced in Toyota manufacturing plants located in Japan at the Tsutsumi and Fujimatsu factories in Aichi.

It was previously produced in China at the Changchun factory, but after low sales in 2015, as little as one in December of that year, the Japanese automaker shut down production here.

After good sales in 2012, Toyota announced they would move production to the USA.

However, sales have since fallen, so the Japanese brand may no longer be producing in the US.

Are Toyota Prius Vehicles Assembled in the US?

No, Toyota does not assemble the Prius on American soil.

The Toyota Prius is currently exclusively made in Japan at the Aichi factories in the Aichi prefecture, which is also where the third-generation Prius was manufactured.

How Do You Find Out Where a Specific Toyota Prius was Produced?

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You can find out the origin of any car by checking its VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

This is a unique 17-digit code that contains various vehicle parameters, such as its model year and where it was made.

The VIN can be found either on the driver’s side of the dashboard or the door pillar of the driver’s door.

The first digit indicates the origin of the car and can either be a letter or a number.

If the first character is a number, this means it was made in America. If it is a letter, then it was made outside of the States.

In the case of the Toyota Prius, which is made in Japan only and infrequently in China, the first letter will either be J for Japan or L for China.

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Where is the Prius Designed?

The most recent form of the Toyota Prius was designed by Satoshi Ogiso, the President of the Commercial Vehicle Company, in Japan.

There is an indication that it was originally designed in California, but Toyota design studios beat the Californian designers.


Are all Prius models made in Japan?

The Prius is currently made in Japanese manufacturing plants, namely the Aichi Toyota factories.

While previously produced in China, production is now exclusively based at only two factories; the Toyota Fujimatsu and Toyota Tsutsumi plant.

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When was the Toyota Prius released in the USA?

By 1999 the Prius had experienced success in Japan, and Toyota decided to run research and initial testing for the vehicle.

The car was released to the US market late in 1999 following its testing period.

How many Priuses have been sold in the US?

The Prius is the highest-selling fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle in the USA.

In April 2011, the mass-produced hybrid vehicle passed the 1 million unit mark, and from then until April 2016 sold a further 1,643,000 models.

In 2021 59,010 models were sold, a 35.8% increase from 43,525 in 2020.

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Why was Toyota particularly keen to sell its Prius model in California?

Toyota was keen to push the Prius above all Toyota vehicles because of its cutting-edge blend of engineering and technology.

In the sunswept state of California, the Prius was seen as a status symbol.

At the time, cars with electric motors were relatively new technology and were a great way to signal a progressive mentality due to their fuel efficiency, which is important on the West Coast.

The range of options for hybrid cars was very slim, making the Prius the first name in cars driven by electric power.

Toyota also has a factory in Baja, California, used to make the Tacoma, which they may have been eyeing as a potential spot to produce the Prius.

2022 toyota prius

Final Thoughts

In early 2000 Toyota led the way for hybrid vehicles, capitalizing on a market that had not yet fully developed.

At the time, Toyota vehicles were the only word in the combination of electric and traditional motors promoting a future-facing look at fuel economy.

Since this time, Honda has attempted to challenge Toyota vehicles for the US hybrid market, but they will have a long way to go before catching up on this Toyota motor’s massive sales and popularity.