Route 66

Route 66 Road Trip FAQ

RV rolling along Route 66

There are plenty of cool facts about Route 66, but when you’re getting ready to set out on the Mother Road, it’s more about time and mileage than history and attractions. Our Route 66 Road Trip FAQ is meant to help you better plan your Route 66 road trip, from determining how much time you …

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Cool Facts About Route 66

route 66 shield sign against rural backdrop

Route 66 is more than just an old road. It’s a legendary road that has been immortalized in popular culture in everything from classic literature to kids films. It’s got enough legend to have inspired the Disney franchise Cars, and a sort of haunting nostalgia that still draws thousands of motorists to drive its dusty …

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Route 66 Cities & Towns

Route 66 sign Chicago, IL

Route 66 is such a fabled road of the past, it often seems like it exists out of the modern world. But the truth is the old route is still very much present in both populated and less-populated areas of the country. When you drive the old Mother Road today, you’ll pass through urban jungles …

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