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How Long Does The Ford Escape Last?

The Ford Escape is an SUV with ample cargo and passenger space for its slightly smaller size.

The practicality and fuel economy of this reliable vehicle makes it a popular choice for many families.

Today we’re going to look at how much mileage you can expect to get out of this compact SUV from the Ford Motor Company so you can determine “how long do Ford Escapes last?”

How Many Miles Can You Expect from a Ford Escape?

2022 ford escape

This all depends on your driving habits and how much care you take of your Ford Escape.

If you take it easy and take the time to perform routine maintenance, you can expect it to take you up to 250,000 miles.

How long do the brakes last?

Ford Escapes brakes can last between 30-60,000 miles, though the way the car is driven can affect this.

Ford recommends that you take your brakes for a check-up every 10-15,000 miles

How long do the tires last?

Ford cars use Goodyear tires which have an average lifespan of 22,500 miles.

How long does the transmission last?

You can expect these to last between the range of 80,000-and 180,000 miles – transmission failure is very rare in a new car.

How long do spark plugs last?

Spark plugs in Ford Escapes last for around 100,000 miles.

How long does the battery last on a Ford Escape?

The hybrid batteries in Ford Escapes can last up to a massive 300,000 miles.

2022 ford escape

How Soon Can You Expect Rust on a Ford Escape?

You can expect to see rust on your Escape 3-5 years after production, commonly first appearing behind the wheel wells.

After the rust has first appeared, you can expect it to spread to other parts of your car. It will also spread faster in the winter.

If you don’t tackle the rust before it spreads, then there is little you can do to remove it.

When you first diagnose the problem, washing your wheel wells with a spray wand is the best way to prevent it from spreading.

How Long Does a Ford Escape Last Compared to Similar Cars?

Ford Escapes show an average service life when compared to other SUVs.

Below, we compare it to three popular models:

2022 ford escape

Ford Escape vs. Kia Sportage

The KIA Sportage runs for an average of 200,000 miles, which is only 50,000 miles more than a Ford Escape.

A Sportage is cheaper to maintain; it’s annual regular maintenance costs come to an average of $462 compared to the Escape’s $600 annual maintenance cost.

A Sportage won’t show rust until 10 years after production, while Escapes tend to rust within 3-5 years.

Ford Escape vs. Honda CR-V

The average lifespan of both of these vehicles is an expected 150,000 miles, but this can be increased up to 250,000 miles with proper maintenance.

The average maintenance cost for the Honda CR-V is relatively cheap for a small SUV, at around $407 annually, nearly $200 cheaper than what you can expect to pay for an Escape.

Escapes’ big advantage is that they are rust-resistant for much longer, whereas the CR-V starts to rust just 1-2 years after production.

Ford Escape vs. Nissan Rogue

A similar level of durability again here, with both reliable cars lasting 250,000 miles with adequate maintenance.

The Escape debuted in 2000, while the Nissan Rogue was released shortly after in 2007.

If you’re looking for a simple family SUV, the Rogue is a smart choice, but if you want something with a little more power for rough driving, the 2020 Ford Escape packs 180hp over the 2020 Rogue’s 170hp.

2022 ford escape

Ford Escape – The Best and Worst Model Years

The 2014 Ford Escape model was the worst rendition of this car.

There were not many complaints this year, but those who did had severe issues.

A total of 40 users said their car unexpectedly stopped while they were driving.

In some cases, they were able to restart their vehicle, while in other cases, the vehicle had to be towed.

In these instances, neither Ford dealerships nor mechanics could determine a solution for this issue.

The impressive handling, high engine output, and 4.5/5 reliability rating of the 2020 Ford Escape model make it the most reliable.

The Most Common Problems Associated with Ford Escapes

Several Escape drivers have complained of the following two engine problems with their vehicles:

  • Ignition Coil Problems – Around 418 drivers reported they needed to replace their ignition coils sooner than expected. This expensive fix costs $576, much more than the standard $375 for this issue.
  • Engine resistance – Some drivers would complain about Ford Escapes halting mid-drive. The source of this issue was usually the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) sensors, which will cost between $211-$280 for an Escape, as opposed to an average cost of $147 in other small SUVs.
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Ford Escape Recalls

The most recalls for Escapes took place in 2013 and 2001, with 15 recalls apiece.

The lowest amounts were in 2016 and 2017, with only 1 per year.

Is it Costly to Maintain a Ford Escape?

Yes, the Ford Escape requires heavier maintenance than its competitors, such as the Honda CR-V or the KIA Sportage.

The average maintenance cost of small SUVs is $521, which is $80 cheaper than what you can expect to pay for an Escape.

How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Ford Escape

Here are a few easy pointers to ensure your Ford Escape stays on the road for longer:

  • In winter and colder nights, keep your car indoors to protect it from the salt and snow. Ford Escapes will fall victim to rust quicker in the snow, so keeping it indoors can prevent this.
  • Take the time to wash your car thoroughly regularly to remove any unwanted bodies which may cause rust.
  • Be sure to take your car to the shop for regular checks.
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Is a Ford Escape Worth It?

Ford Escapes cost more on average to maintain annually and can experience engine failure.

With more expensive parts, you would expect a vehicle that sets itself apart from the competition, but the Escape is similar to the competition vehicles across most metrics.


How reliable is a Ford Escape?

The Ford Escape was recently awarded a 4.5 J.D. Power Reliability Rating in 2020.

It is a solid, reliable car.

Newer models have also been fitted with more powerful 180hp engines, making them a more reliable vehicle for different conditions and rough driving.

Why shouldn’t you buy a Ford Escape?

If you are trying to keep costs down, you should consider an alternative to the Escape.

On average, you can expect to pay more for general maintenance and more expensive parts.

They can also suffer from earlier rusting, which will incur further maintenance expenses.

How much does it cost to replace a Ford Escape engine?

A hybrid battery can last for up to 300,000 miles, but if you need to replace it, you can expect to pay $5000.

2021 ford escape

Is a Ford Escape the same as a Ford Kuga?

A Ford Kuga has the same exterior as the 2017 Escape with the 2016 interior design with a choice of 1.5 or 2L engines.

It differs from the Escape with its optional diesel engine, active brake assistance, premium leather interior, and 6-speed manual gears.

Final Thoughts

Ford Escapes are reliable cars that experienced high numbers of recalls early in their lifetime but now perform well.

Repairs on Ford Escapes cost above the average market value as their parts are more expensive than for competitor compact SUVs.

Maintenance on Ford Escapes costs around $80 more annually.

With this extra cost, considering the Ford Escape’s performance, it doesn’t outreach the competition massively.

The Sportage costs $120 less on repairs and maintenance than Ford Escapes.

The Sportage’s mileage is only 50,000 less than the Escape’s 250,000, and it will be rust-resistant for up to three times longer.

So while the comparisons are slim, this shows the market for compact SUVs is competitive.

Regardless of your decision, you can expect a powerful engine with sizable cargo space and plenty of comfort for passengers.