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The 10 Best Lightweight Toy Hauler Travel Trailers (2023 Update)

Whether you’re a seasoned camper with years of experience traveling the backroads of America or a soon-to-be convert to the beauty and freedom offered by the travel trailer lifestyle, a toy hauler gives you endless opportunities for recreation wherever you go.

Camping and RVing are activities that claim the attention and curiosity of thousands of Americans every year.

Not to mention, most of those campers are also hopping on their ATVs, riding dirtbikes, canoeing, and more. 

But how do they take all their recreational equipment along?

Enter the toy hauler.

The key is choosing a lightweight toy hauler travel trailer that won’t weigh you down as you hit the open highway or the back roads.

What Are Toy Hauler Travel Trailers For?

Toy hauler travel trailers are just what they sound like: a travel trailer that can also haul your off-roading toys.

While most can accommodate dirtbikes, ATVs, golf carts, and the kids’ bicycles, you’ll also have room in the garage for canoes, kayaks, and other outdoor equipment. 

The bottom line?

Toy trailers offer the best compromise between comfort and hauling potential.

But it’s often challenging to find one that won’t overload your hauling vehicle’s tow rating. 

If you have no more than a few outdoor toys that you want to protect on your way to the great outdoors, toy haulers provide the optimum middle-ground between the bulky weight of big trailers and the speedy efficiency of a small RV or pop-up.

Fortunately, there are plenty of low-GVWR toy haulers to choose from, so you can load up and head out. 

How Light is a Lightweight Toy Hauler Travel Trailer?

Reading through this list, you can see that toy hauler travel trailers run the gamut from super-lightweight to almost heavyweight in traditional RV terms.

The answer is that “lightweight” means something different to everyone, so you’ll need to examine your needs (and existing garage) before choosing the perfect toy hauler to suit.

But, weight is the key figure.

Of course, the question is, which weight?

You’ll see three key figures on toy hauler spec lists: GVWR, UVW, and CCC.

Let’s break them down.

GVWR — Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

This means the total weight of the trailer as you tow it down the road, filled to its maximum weight capacity with toys, gear, and goods. 

UVW — Unloaded Vehicle Weight

UVW is your trailer’s curbside weight, before you fill up with potable water (or fill up the black or grey water), gear, or even fuel. 

CCC — Cargo Carrying Capacity

How much you can fit in your rig equates to a CCC number.

You’ll add up your fresh water, fuel, equipment or accessories, and toys to get your necessary CCC.

If you overload the CCC, you can expect damage to your trailer, towing vehicle, and potentially your body as you cruise down the highway. 

Which Numbers Matter? 

Though the two second figures can be handy for shopping purposes, the most important is the GVWR.

This is the combined CCC and UVW figures and gives you the maximum combined and allowable weight for the trailer as you head out on a trip. 

Knowing the GVWR helps you choose the right toy hauler for your towing vehicle.

After all, if your truck or SUV’s towing capacity is lower than your dream rig’s GVWR, you either need to revamp your dreams or buy a new truck. 

Now that you know what figures to look for, let’s look at a list of the best lightweight toy hauler travel trailers out there.

What Weight is “Lightweight”?

The below toy hauler travel trailer options range from just under 3,000 pounds to just over 10,000.

Clearly, there’s a wide range of what constitutes “lightweight.”

Keep in mind that the average pickup truck can tow anywhere from 3,500 to 7,000 pounds.

Unless you’re attempting to tow a toy hauler with a minivan or sedan, you likely won’t run into too many limits with a V8 pickup truck. 

But with a V6, whether pickup or SUV, you’ll want to check out your vehicle’s operating specs to ensure you’re not exceeding its towing capacity.

Exceeding the towing capacity could result in a burned-out transmission, and it’s not worth the risk — so do your research before signing on the dotted line for a new toy hauler. 

The Ten Best Lightweight Toy Hauler Travel Trailers

In the last five years, the lightweight trailer community has experienced a boom in the number of highly competent manufacturers offering quality travel trailers to the market.

Check out their specs, GVWR ratings, and garage sizes to pick the best lightweight toy hauler for your next trip.

winnebago spyder

2021 Winnebago Spyder S23FB

Winnebago offers a trusted and longstanding company name to any potential customer.

The reason is clear: Winnebago has committed itself for many decades to producing trailers with the best standards and remarkable customer service.

Their 2021 version of the Spyder S23FB poses no obstacles to the company’s popular reputation.

It is a solid, reliable vehicle.

The Spyder S23FB has a sturdy steel frame made with the huck-bolt technique.

While the majority of lightweight trailer manufacturers use welding to compose their frames, Winnebago hasn’t cut any corners with their huck bolt construction.

Huck bolts create some of the strongest frames in the industry.

Even Boeing uses huck bolts rather than welding when engineering aircraft. 

The Spyder’s durability extends past its internal construction, though.

The cabinetry and the ramp are both secured using processes that very few companies employ.

The wood interior is secure and light, thanks to its placing inside aluminum tubing—ideal for strength and weight.

The ramp can hold as much as 3,000lbs, a testament to the staying power of this trailer.

The Spyder S23FB’s internal capacity isn’t much to scoff at either.

This trailer can sleep six, although you do have to compromise a bit more weight to get the amenities; this is one of the heavier models on our list at a GVWR at just over 10,000 pounds.


  • Long list of amenities
  • 14′ garage


  • Heavier than other lightweight toy haulers

Jayco Octane 161 Travel Trailer

The Jayco Octane 161 markets itself as a workhorse of a trailer, and you’re sure to find that it doesn’t skimp on carrying capacity.

Whether it’s at the expense of creature comforts and intimate spacing, we leave that for you to decide.

The Jayco has an unloaded vehicle weight of 4,570 lbs and a 2,930lbs carrying capacity—a total GVWR of 7,500 pounds.

The Jayco Octane also offers an extensive eight-foot-long garage space, which is at the high end among competitors.

The good news is, the 161 model has lots of food storage and a massive eight-cubic foot french door refrigerator, as well as a two-burner cooktop.

This means that, although buyers might find comfort lacking — especially compared to the VRV and Livin’ Lite trailers — there is plenty of space inside to use liberally for yourself. 

Count, among the other comforts, a small toilet with a low-ish 30-amp connection, and you’ll have the full picture of Jayco’s offerings.


  • Plenty of creature comforts
  • Roomy garage


  • Not the most comfy or inviting interior spaces

Forest River 10.6 No Boundaries

The No Boundaries model offers one of the lightest weight toy haulers on the market.

If you’re looking to get out of the city at a fast clip, and comfort isn’t the highest priority, check out this model from renowned manufacturer Forest River.

It’s important to know right away that the No Boundaries lacks a bathroom and dedicated bedroom space.

While you can opt for a queen size bed, it doesn’t come standard. However, Forest River recognizes the benefits from stripping out their trailer of such comforts: a GVWR of about 3,700 pounds and enough room for a full-sized four-wheeler.

No need to worry about a lack of essential creature comforts, though.

This model comes with an outdoor kitchen. In the end, this model is ideal for RVers and campers with smaller capacity needs.

The No Boundaries is a speedy and generously-spaced toy hauler for smaller toys, and its feature package is pretty impressive.


  • Super-small profile
  • Includes a kitchen and a 30-gallon freshwater tank 


  • No bathroom option 

inTech Explore Flyer XLT

The inTech Explorer Flyer is one of the lightest, ready-to-go toy haulers on the market.

We would categorize it as “ultra-light” based on its aluminum body, all-tube construction, and welded frame.

This toy hauler is truly the best option if your toys are light and you’re looking to escape familiar territory for the wilderness without making much of a sound.

The inTech has a GVWR of 2,990 pounds and a curbside readiness for RVers who want longevity and reliable rust-proof construction as well as speed and efficiency.

Surprisingly, the inTech boasts quite comfortable interiors.

It has a fully-flexible space that can change from sleeping quarters to cargo to kitchen space.

This toy hauler is also compatible with lots of electronic gear, with 12V outlets, 120V outlets, and plenty of USB ports.

There is also a solar prep station included.


  • Sleeps as many as four.
  • Front overhead storage has extensive capabilities with nets and a 2’’ connection for bikes.


  • Definitely not the plushest and luxurious hauler available
  • Rugged storage design requires some labor to achieve desired personal interior space

Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro

The Rockwood Geo Pro (two toy hauler options) is ideal for campers who are looking for a lightweight trailer with plentiful interior space in the floorplan.

Both 20′ 2″ models offer extensive cargo space for any outdoor equipment and toys you’re likely to bring with you on your trips.

The Rockwood Geo Pro G19FBTH has a giant 6 feet 11-inch garage space, while the G19TH has an 8’6″ cargo area.

Each floor plan offers a different configuration for your toys and daily living.

Both options clock in under 5,000 pounds GVWR.

Either iteration of the Rockwood Geo Pro provides plenty of space and weight for your heavier outdoor toys.

Add to that the three-way fridge, 20k BTU furnace, bath with toilet and shower, and gas grill, and you’re sure to enjoy the comforts as well as the capacity with the newest offering from Forest River.


  • Two floor plan choices
  • Large garage areas in each


  • Limited configuration options

VRV XTR 614 

If you’re most interested in finding a lightweight toy hauler that has a serious carrying capacity, then the VRV XTR 614 (part of the Livin’ Lite Quicksilver) line offers one of the strongest towing systems that will make for an easy, dependable haul to your outdoor location.

This model is perfect for people who’re looking to carry a four-wheeler and travel with as many as four in the trailer.

It has space for as many as four, a full-size restroom with a stainless sink, and a massively powerful 19,000 BTU furnace.

That makes for optimum comfort. 

Yes, the VRV is light, but its ideal audience is for those customers who are looking for a big garage, at a manageable GVWR of 4,900 lbs.

A major drawback is the lack of kitchen appliances and equipment.

There’s not much in the way of creature comforts there.

However, the VRV includes a 50A service if and when you choose to upgrade the appliances and equipment so that the toy hauler grows up to be a fully-functional towing machine.

Of course, it might be tough to find a QuickSilver since KZ stopped selling them from the factory in 2018.


  • Includes a full-size RV restroom and ceramic toilet
  • Multiple floor plans for toy hauling


  • Lacking in creature comforts
  • No longer manufactured new

Quicksilver 7x18FK

Another variation of the Quicksilver, the 7x18FK,  has a capacious and inviting 6.71 x 9.11-foot garage area that is ideal for your collection of RVing toys and equipment.

If you’re looking for a bigger, more industrial design, then this model is the one for you.

It boasts a space length of 22.3 feet — an industry high.

This model also has a 3,680 pound GVWR.

The Quicksilver is constructed with top-of-the-line aluminum materials and sidewall construction to squarely place this hauler in the lightweight category.

Though with up to 22.3 feet of inside space, it will be hard to notice.

The model has a full bathroom included as well as a top-of-the-line kitchen and massive freshwater tank, a refrigerator with a large 6-cubic feet capacity and amperage.

With so many amenities, the Quicksilver might be classified outside the lightweight category.

However, this model cuts weight with its top-of-the-line material made with a softshell.

It includes an expandable ramp door, roof, and vents on the side for ventilation.

In consequence, the trailer doesn’t have an A/C unit. 


  • Exceptional trailer height of 9.11 feet
  • Two-burner stovetop surface
  • Full bathroom


  • Lacks an A/C system 
  • The furnace isn’t included but is available for purchase individually
  • Not available new

KZ Escape E180TH

The KZ Escape is one of the hidden gems available for those consumers looking for an ideal compromise between an ultra-lightweight construction and an innovative yet spacious interior. 

One of the main benefits to storage management and comfort that the manufacturers at KZ have devised is their patented space-saving system.

This super lightweight hauler is one of the best solutions for hauling toys and staying comfortable, since you can slide your gear in without disrupting the sofa/living area.

In all, the KZ has more than enough space for your toys and outdoor equipment.

But the highlight is that it weighs in at a GVWR of 5,000 pounds.

There’s no compromise with the KZ Escape.

Included are luxury porcelain toilets, living spaces, and a kitchen.

What’s the power for the kitchen, you may ask? 8,000 BTUs on the cooktop, 20,000 BTUs on the furnace, and a 38-gallon water tank for large gatherings.


  • Multiple interior options to suit your style
  • 9-foot cargo area


  • Single floor plan option (other Escapes are pull trailer only)

Coachmen Catalina Trail Blazer 26TH

The Coachmen Catalina is a perfect model toy hauler if you’re looking to feel like you’re at home whenever you’re on the trail or traveling between outdoor areas.

With a kitchen that is fully integrated with USB ports and 110 outlets, this trailer seeks to crown the list of the most comfortable lightweight cruisers.

The Catalina is a 30-foot long trailer with tons of interior space for all your toys.

Despite its roomy-feeling interior, the trailer has a GVWR of 7900 pounds.

If you’re looking for all the top amenities in a lighter weight trailer, Coachmen provides some of the most luxurious creature comforts.

The farm-style porcelain sink and domestic kitchen appliances and faucets will certainly be sufficient to convince you that the Catalina Trail Blazer is a comprehensive home on the road. 

Of course, it is heavier than other toy haulers, so it’s not the most lightweight of them all. 


  • Mosaic glass tile backsplash and deep sink exemplify some of the most exclusive features 
  • Accessories include rain gutters and drip spouts
  • 7-cubic foot gas/electric fridge included


  • Bulkier than comparable models

Forest River Grey Wolf 22RR

Forest River appears on our list another time for its Grey Wolf toy hauler.

This rig measures 29 feet long and clocks in at a GVWR of just under 7,700 pounds, making it a manageable size for most towing vehicles.

And it’s worth the weight and the expense; the 22RR features a spacious living area and packages to enhance your camping experience.

You’ll find technology packages for efficiency and convenience, plus add-ons like exterior shower kits, skylights, and more. 

But the floor model includes enough space to sleep at least four people, with a queen bedroom plus fold-down sofas in the garage area.

In the end, you may not need any upgrades to have a great trip in the Grey Wolf. 

Speaking of the garage, it’s a highlight of the build; a seven-foot garage area tops off your interior space.

There’s also a galley kitchen and a corner-oriented bathroom that offers a more luxurious RVing experience than you’ve likely had in a toy hauler.  


  • Tons of interior space for living and toys
  • Full features in a lighter-weight package


  • Single floor plan

What to Look for in Lightweight Toy Haulers

There are many elements you should consider before organizing your thoughts on what lightweight toy hauler is right for you. 

Ask yourself what kind of gear you’re likely to load on your trailer as well as the dimensions, weight, and size of said toys.

While many consumers will have only one or two pieces of equipment in mind when purchasing a trailer, it’s always a good idea to calculate weight and dimensions in order to come up with an accurate number.

The good news is, most modern trailer units will include enough cargo space to make room for moderately sized toys regardless of weight or size.

Most furniture and equipment included in the above reviews are foldable and portable, further decreasing length measurements. 

Nevertheless, we recommend you tabulate your toy’s weight to find the appropriate trailer.

You should also measure toy hauler lengths, as they vary widely.

Length also tends to correlate with weight. 

Final Thoughts

All the toy haulers included in our list above present some of the most reliable and well-engineered structures you’re liable to find on the market today.

The fact remains that you’ll have to do your due diligence when deciding on the optimal model that can fit all your toys without dragging your pickup’s back end along the asphalt. 

With that said, adventures in the wild frontier remain limitless for the readiest and most prepared travelers.

There are dozens of qualified lightweight models on the market, whether you want a 3,000-pound maximum weight or can manage a toy hauler of 10K+ pounds.

With this list, we hope to equip the most knowledgeable RVers and campers with the information necessary to purchase the best lightweight toy hauler travel trailers for their needs.