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The 15 Best Travel Trailer Brands For Adventure (2023 Update)

Traveling in a travel trailer can be a fantastic experience.

Whether you’re riding with a partner, your family, or hitting the road solo, travel trailers are a great way to see the country’s top destinations. 

In this article, we look at some of the perks and benefits of seeing the world with a travel trailer in tow.

We’ve also rounded up our favorite travel trailer brands.

From Jayco, KZ-RV, Airstream, Scamp, NuCamp, Grand Design, and Winnebego — there are dozens of trailer brands to choose from.

The right travel trailer for you will meet all your travel goals, amenities, luxuries, and comfort must-haves!

Keep reading to find out the best travel trailer brands for your exploration needs.

The Best Travel Trailer Brands and Models

Here are some of the most popular, high-quality brands to look out for when shopping for your next travel trailer: 

  1. Jayco (White Hawk)
  2. KZ-RV (Sportsmen)
  3. Keystone
  4. Airstream (Classic)
  5. Scamp
  6. Lance
  7. Shasta (Revere)
  8. Winnebago
  9. Grand Design RV
  10. Forest River Inc
  11. Starcraft RV (Travel Star)
  12. Heartland RV
  13. NuCamp RV (TAB Teardrop Trailer)
  14. Happier Camper
  15. Casita Spirit

Why Travel with a Travel Trailer?

From national parks to lakes and beaches, there are so many different places to explore.

But you can’t take your home everywhere you go — and hotels get expensive! 

Traveling with a travel trailer allows you to access beautiful locations.

You have the option to wake up with nature and adventure right outside your bedroom window.

Hauling your “hotel room” with you saves a ton of cash.

Rather than spending nights at pricey hotels, you can simply invest in a mobile sleeping space and spend your money on experiences.

A travel trailer is a great way to get cozy with the family.

While exploring the country, you can spend some quality time together in close quarters.

It’s the perfect time to put away your phone and bond with your loved ones. 

What to Look for in a Travel Trailer

When looking for the perfect travel trailer for your needs, it’s important to consider your planned destinations.

Will you be staying on the highways or looking for off-road adventures?

You should also consider your personal comfort!

Some budget trailers may be easy on the wallet but do not offer the same luxuries or comforts, such as additional sleeping spaces and comfortable seating. 

Fuel efficiency is another thing to consider.

Especially if you plan on traveling long distances, remember to budget for extra gas stops.

Keep in mind that hauling a heavy-duty travel trailer will put a strain on your vehicle’s fuel consumption. 

Airflow is more critical than you may think.

Travel trailers can get stuffy, especially when loaded up with passengers.

Consider the quality of AC or airflow in the trailer.

Are there sufficient windows? Do they properly open?

Much like when you’re shopping for a car or truck, it’s vital to consider the material and brand’s quality.

Is it built to last or built to sell fast?

Your travel trailer purchased should be a long-term investment in your lifestyle.

Not something you want to be repairing or replacing constantly. 

After quality materials, look at the furnishings, finishings, and amenities.

Does the trailer offer everything on your must-haves list?

It’s okay to be picky – you’ll be spending a lot of time here!

The Best Travel Trailer Brands

With those crucial considerations in mind, we’ve rounded up the best travel trailer brands.

Depending on your exploring goals and traveling needs, these top brands are all great options for hitting the open road. 

jayco travel trailer

1. Jayco (White Hawk)

Jayco brand travel trailers are well-built and durable.

The company uses a Norco Nextgen frame made of high-strength steel.

Jayco also uses an exclusive building process called “Stronghold VBL,” in which walls bond utilizing a minimum of 16 mins under over 140 tons of pressure to create strong and light laminations. 

The exterior of the White Hawk model by Jayco featured some exciting things such as 30-amp service, outside shower, awning with LED lights, four stabilizer jacks, solar prep, aluminum rims, and galvanized steel wheel wells. 

Inside, you’ll find a comfy queen or king bed (depending on the model), a deep, built-in sink with a pull-out faucet, and complete cooking essentials with a fridge, stove, and microwave. 

One of the best features by Jayco is that the interiors are fully customizable, with options for flooring, countertops, and fabrics.

You can choose from a “cashmere cottage” look or the popular “modern farmhouse.” 

2. KZ-RV (Sportsmen)

KZ-RV brand is a great value option.

Families can get all the luxuries and amenities for a slightly lower budget. 

The Sportsmen model by KZ-RV is an excellent model for families, thanks to its open-concept interior layout design and front bedroom configuration.

If you’re looking for a little extra space and require some added sleeping space, KZ probably has a model to fit your needs.

The KZ-RV Sportsmen S330IK model even features an open-concept kitchen with a kitchen island for serving the whole family efficiently.

We recommend this model for longer journeys or just weekends away with the kids and crew.

The KZ brand values integrity, fairness, and quality.

And that’s precisely what you get with the Sportsmen line of travel trailers. 

3. Keystone

Keystone is a reliable brand with models to suit any travel trailer needs.

Their Hideout line features deluxe, towable trailer designs with enough space for the whole family.

There’s a light, airy interior that feels like home.

We recommend this travel trailer brand to first-time trailer travelers.

The Hideout model is available in several different sizes and floor plans, depending on the amount of space you need to feel comfortable. 

All of the Keystone models come with a three-year limited warranty which makes your purchase guaranteed.

The models also feature LTE and Wi-FI antennas to keep the teens content. 

You can expect luxury features like high-end kitchen appliances, tinted windows, central vacuum systems, hidden pantries, and electric stabilizer jacks – all at an affordable price point. 

4. Airstream (Classic)

It would be hard to make a list of the best travel trailers without including the classic Airstream brand. 

Airstream is an iconic American company that makes reliable, well-built travel trailers with streamlined and trendy designs.

The models are elegant and roomy enough for all your passengers. 

The unique “silver bullet” design, with its vintage, aerodynamic look, was first crafted in the 1930s and today features all the modern amenities you could ask for in your trailer interior. 

Over the years, Airstream has refined its model, keeping up with the times and technology.

Airstream’s new Classic Smart Trailer features controls for the AC, tank levels, propane, and battery, all from your smartphone. 

Trailers range in size from 16 feet to 33 feet to suit solo travelers or families.

A bonus to the Airstream models is the coolness factor that comes with this classic and timeless design.

5. Scamp

We love Scamp travel trailers for their lightweight, durable, and rugged design.

When you purchase a Scamp trailer, expect a long-lasting, lifetime asset investment.

Many Scamp trailers built in the 1970s are still in use today and in good condition.

The durability of this brand is out of this world.

Scamp uses a unique, lightweight design made of rough and tough fiberglass.

The models are designed and built at the company’s state-side plant in Minnesota.

You can choose to add custom luxury details such as hardwood floors. 

Scamp models are available in three different sizes to suit your space requirements: 13, 16, and 19.5 feet.

Thanks to the durable design and high-quality material, your Scamp trailer will have excellent resale value, should you ever design to sell.

6. Lance

Lance brand travel trailers were previously well known for their truck trailer models.

Lance offers various sizes and floorplans.

You can choose from 12 different models and lengths ranging from 14 to 24 feet.

Inside the Lance models, you’ll find high-end amenities, natural light, features, and stainless steel appliances.

Lance features impeccable customer reviews based on their high-quality design and customer service.

The company is based in Lancaster, California, and has won multiple DSI awards (Dealer Satisfaction Index). 

Lance’s reputation as an eco-friendly manufacturing company is also a major selling point.

The company has notably removed all mercury from manufacturing and offers a toxin-free RV design. 

Lance brand models come in at mid-range prices, making them a good middle-ground for those seeking luxury on a slightly smaller budget.

7. Shasta (Revere)

Shasta brand travel trailers are one of the classic, big names in travel trailer design.

Shasta’s business model concept is the “American Dream,” and that’s basically what you get!

We especially like the Shasta Revere Line for its homey feel.

The floorplan options give you some great choices, such as outdoor kitchen and dining space, free-standing table and chair dinette area, and an extra lower bunk sleeping space.

You’ll love the Shasta models for either a weekend away or a year on the road.

You’re guaranteed to feel “at home.”

With some extra interior breathing room, you’ll feel free to roam and explore wherever the road takes you.

Shasta designs offer bright and spacious interiors with plenty of windows and natural light.

With the Revere line, you get 7 feet of interior headspace and extra deep slides.

8. Winnebago

It almost goes without saying that the Winnebago brand of travel trailers is one of the top options for both design and passenger comfort. 

Winnebago makes their travel trailers with comfort, long trips, and families in mind.

You’ll find everything you need in their wide range of models to keep the whole family happy – from toddlers to grandparents. 

Winnebago offers excellent online shopping options and virtual assistance when in-person visits to showrooms aren’t possible.

The Indiana-born company has been around since the 1950s and has become synonymous with trailer travel.

Some of Winnebago’s popular models include the Hike, The Minnie, and the Voyage. 

The Winnebago Micro Minnie is a great option for RV travelers looking for a smaller design.

The compact model is only 7 feet wide and comes in at a lower price than the full-size trailers.

There are a few different floor plans to choose from and all the interior amenities necessary for a comfortable trip – short or long. 

9. Grand Design RV

Grand Design is an excellent option for travelers who want high-quality design and manufacturing.

Grand Design RV is all about quality and premium standards. 

We recommend the Imagine model, which offers a lightweight design and top-quality construction and features.

The model can come in under 6,000 pounds, making it ideal for medium to smaller SUVs hauling. 

We like the Grand Design Reflection for ultimate towable luxury, which features a gorgeous interior kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances and a roomy glass door shower.

You’ll feel right at home.

Grand Design is a new company than a few others on this list.

At less than a decade old, the brand still has a lot to prove – which can be a great asset for buyers.

Winnebago acquired the company but still produces its line of lightweight, reliable trailers.

The Grand Design models range from the ultimate luxury to compact haulers small enough to be pulled with a regular, six-cylinder car. 

10. Forest River Inc

We absolutely love the Forest River Cherokee line of travel trailers.

Forest River has made our list of the top travel trailer brands thanks to its lineup of incredible reviews and awards.

It was named “Best in Show” by RV News in 2018. 

Forest River Inc has a lightweight model called the Alpha Wolf that is perfect for tougher travelers.

The Alpha Wolf, from the Cherokee line, comes with various floor plan designs to choose from. It also features top-notch amenities.

The Alpha Wolf is tough, light, and very well insulated for cold-weather trips. 

This tough brand is perfect for travelers hoping to stray off the beaten path and explore some rough terrain. 

Forest River Inc prioritizes beautiful interiors and features modern designs while giving passengers the space needed to cook, eat, enjoy time together in common spaces, and get cozy in multiple sleeping areas.

11. Starcraft RV (Travel Star)

Are you looking for luxury?

Starcraft RV is the top of the top when it comes to luxury design and incredible interiors that feel high-end and comfortable for all passengers.

We especially like the Travel Star line of models from Starcraft RV.

These models include amazing interior features for the whole family.

You won’t be sacrificing any amenities, furniture, appliances, or finishes.

Everything is perfection!

The Travel Star lines are available in a variety of floorplans and sizes.

It also offers accommodations and sleeping space for up to ten adults!

If you want to step up the luxury, even more, you can opt for the Travel Star Galaxy Black Pearl Edition, an upgraded luxury version.

Starcraft models are well-built and will not only provide luxury but durable design and manufacturing of tuff-shell vacuum-bonded lamination and an industry-leading two-year warranty on all purchases. 

12. Heartland RV

Heartland RV keeps it simple.

This brand offers towable trailers and storage for the whole family. 

Heartland RV offers excellent value.

You get a lot of travel trailers for a budget price.

Designs of the leading models provide an excellent use of floor space and natural light. 

We like the Prowler 29P RKS.

This model features a rear kitchen and slide.

It’s the perfect travel class trailer for all your adventure needs.

The Prowler features a dry weight of 6,092 pounds and is well within many full-size SUVs’ towing capacity.

13. NuCamp RV (TAB Teardrop Trailer)

For solo travelers or couples looking for a compact trailer design, the NuCamp RV TAB Teardrop Trailer is a great choice.

TheTAB model is a top-selling design that’s perfect for shorter trips and lengthy journeys if you don’t mind close quarters.

The compact design doesn’t sacrifice comfort or necessary amenities.

With limited space, you still get a full bath, a kitchen, and a dining area.

The dining space converts into beds.

This practical model and brand also add some cool credits.

The tear-drop shape and lightweight is aerodynamic and will help cut down on fuel spending for eco-savvy travelers. 

14. Happier Camper

The lightweight travel trailer from Happier Camper features a cool vintage design.

The flexible, modular seating can accommodate solo travel while also fitting a smaller family or couple. 

A unique feature about the Happier Camper is the customizable floor grid and Adaptiv components that allow you to change the layout of your sleeping, lounging, and dining spaces.

You get 85 square feet of walkable floor space which is more than enough if you pack light and plan on spending most of your time enjoying the great outdoors.

Happier Camper trailers don’t require an 8-cylinder hauler and can easily be towed by a standard car making them more accessible to casual adventurers and weekend warriors. 

15. Casita Spirit

One of the best lightweight travel trailers is the Casita Spirit.

It’s an excellent option for smaller families or couples who want to spend some time on the open road.

This trailer is great for travelers on the go!

The Casita Spirit travel trailer model can sleep between 4 and 6 people.

The dining area converts into extra beds.

While this model doesn’t have as much space as most, it’s an excellent compact option that doesn’t sacrifice style for those who plan on spending time outside. 

The Spirit is available in either 16 or 17-foot models with options to add on roller shades, a furnace, and more. 

Tips for a Comfortable Travel Trailer Experience

No matter which brand of travel trailer you choose for your adventures, you can do some extra things to ensure you or your family has a comfortable and happy experience while traveling. 

Here are a few of our top tips for a comfortable travel trailer experience.

  • Pack Light – One of the biggest mistakes people make when embarking on a travel trailer journey is overpacking! Try to pack as light as possible and only bring the essentials. While your travel trailer may seem big enough to fit your whole wardrobe and all the kitchen’s pots and pans, you’ll see how quickly space fills up, making the trailer feel cluttered and crowded. Pack light and leave yourself plenty of room to move around comfortably. 
  • Keep it Clean – This should go without saying – but don’t leave trash in your camper! Apart from attracting unwanted wildlife, clutter and opened food will make your trailer space uncomfortable and cluttered. Keep it clean – keep it comfy!
  • Get a dehumidifier – While traveling, mainly through humid climates or in parks during summer months, travel trailers can get damp and humid while camping. We recommend investing in a portable dehumidifier to adjust your interior temperature to a comfortable setting.
  • Stop a Lot – It’s about the journey, not the destination! While it can be tempting to drive through the night and get to your camping location faster, it’s important to remember that a fast trip is never worth risking safety! Make sure you stop and rest plenty.
  • Switch drivers often if you can. Never risk falling asleep at the wheel or getting overtired on the road. That’s what your travel trailer beds are for!

Plenty of stops will ensure everyone has a safe and happy experience while traveling with a travel trailer.

Not to mention all the incredible things you’ll get to see along the way!

Final Thoughts on Travel Trailer Brands

There are plenty of benefits to traveling with a travel trailer.

From having an adventure at your doorstep to living sustainably and saving money – there are many reasons to explore with a travel trailer.

We hope this list of the best travel trailer brands will help you make an informed decision while shopping for your long-term adventure investment. 

Whichever trailer brand you choose, you’re sure to get some great travel stories and memories from your activities and weekends on the open road.