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Missouri Window Tint Laws

It might look pretty cool to have tint on your windows but be careful: some states have laws about how deep the tint can go on any window and under what circumstances a deeper tint is allowed.

Luckily, Missouri has pretty relaxed rules about tinting windows.

Most of the time, people get tinted windows for medical reasons.

No matter the reason, it’s a good idea to have a permit on hand in case you get pulled over.

What is the Maximum Tint for Cars in Missouri?

It is legal for any car to have tinted windows in Missouri, as long as it goes no deeper than 35% VLT (visible light transmission).

In short, that percentage refers to how much light can go through the tinted film and the window itself.

Plus, or minus 3% above is allowed for the passenger and driver windows.

There is no limit for tinting on the rear left and right windows.

How Much Light Should You Let In?

However, the tinted windows must also let in enough light.

Windows must have a visible light transmittance accuracy of 32% darker and 38% lighter.

On that note, if you have mirror-type film on your car, it’s most likely illegal, so it might be a good idea to remove it.

How Much Tinting Can the Windshield Have?

The windshield can only have tinting on the upper portion, where it cannot interfere with your line of vision.

The statute is not specific about where exactly on the windshield the tinting should end.

As long as you can see the road ahead of you, it doesn’t matter where it ends.

We recommend not tinting your window below the AS1 line near the top of the windshield.

You’ll see it printed in black.

How Reflective Can a Windshield be in Missouri?

Tinting your windshield is like putting a giant pair of sunglasses over your view of the road.

Tinting materials might contain metallic bits that reflect the light coming into your car.

Thus, the glare and the heat this incoming light produces become reduced.

The front and back windows on a tinted car must be no more than 35% reflective.

How to Get a Window Tinting Permit in Missouri

If you do need your windows tinted, you may apply for a window tinting permit.

You’ll need to obtain a prescription from your primary care physician, stating for what medical reason you’ll need a permit and what percentage your car needs to be tinted.

Once you’ve obtained a prescription, you can go to the local Highway Patrol Office, where they’ll issue your permit to you.

You’ll receive a sticker for your bumper and windshield.

You’ll also get a copy of the permit, along with a copy of your prescription, for your car.

Can You Get Pulled Over for Tint in Missouri?

Yes, sometimes people are pulled over for tint in Missouri.

However, you have no reason to worry if you have a copy of your permit and prescription for the tint.

Plus, you’ll have the stickers on both your windshield and your bumper, which you can point out to the officer.

Keep in mind that not having your permit or tickers can result in a non-moving traffic violation.

Who Else Can Drive My Tinted Vehicle?

Only those within your immediate family and who reside in your household can operate a tinted vehicle with a permit.

In short, a spouse, a daughter, or son that lives with you can drive a tinted car with a permit.

Is a Sticker Necessary if You Have Tinted Windows?

The only time you need a sticker is if you have medical reasons for having extra-tinted windows.

If your windows are all less than 35% tinted, there is no reason to carry a sticker or a permit.

Otherwise, you will require a permit in case you get pulled over.

Can My Car’s Tint Only Be Black?

Missouri does not ban any color tints.

Feel free to use any color you like, as long as it does not interfere with your view of the road.

How Much Will it Cost to Have My Windows Tinted?

The cost of tinted windows varies between places.

It can cost at least $80 or $800 at the most.

How much you spend depends on how many windows you’re tinting, what tint you order, and the dealership that does the job for you.

We recommend finding a professional dealership with a good track record and reasonable prices.

Should I Not Buy Tint That is Not Certified?

Car tint manufacturers do not need to certify their products in the state of Missouri.

Keep in mind that it’s a better idea to go with certified car tint since using uncertified car tint can give the police reason to pull you over.

Ask your dealer to provide proof that their tint is certified before they apply it to your car.


Front windows: Should allow at least 35% of light into the vehicle. Cannot go above 35% light-reflective

Back windows: Any tinting level is allowed. Cannot go above 35% light-reflective

Rear window: Any tinting level is allowed

Windshield: A non-reflective tint above the manufacturer’s AS1 line

Final Thoughts

In short, Missouri has relaxed laws regarding tinted windows.

Remember that you must have a permit if you’re going to go above the standard 35% VLT and always have your stickers on display.

If possible, have your tinting professionally done, even though it might be a little expensive.