Best Racing Seats for Daily Driving Comfort

Sometimes your car’s stock seats are just not enough in terms of comfort and reliability when driving, even in everyday situations. One way to go about changing that is investing on racing seats.  Yes, those aren’t only for Nascar and Formula One drivers. The everyday, going to work and picking up the kids, dad or mom can also enjoy the perks of owning one of these seats. This also pertains to people with tuned cars, who would mostly benefit from the security and reliability of racing seats.

With higher upper body and leg supports, racing seats help eliminate the possibility of the driver sliding off his seat during sharp turns or accelerations. This stability in your seat also aids in preventing the driver from losing control of the car and even misjudging distances. With that in mind, here are a few options of racing seats for daily driving:

Geeks Picks: Best Car Racing Seats (2017 – 2018)

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Auto Dynasty Full Reclinable Black and Red Cloth Type-7 Racing Seat

he first racing seat on our list is a prime example of the security and stability we talked about. Auto Dynasty’s Type-7 Racing Seat has supports for both shoulder and lower back to go along with its solid steel frame.

It’s also a versatile model that is adaptable for use with 4, 5, or 6 point seatbelt harnesses. The Type-7 is also designed with deep tight bolsterers, which keeps the drivers secure in place, without the risk of sliding during turns.

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Auto Dynasty Full Reclinable Black Cloth Carbon Look PVC Leather Type-R Racing Seat

Just like the Type-7, this Type-R model from Auto Dynasty can fit 4, 5, or 6 point seatbelt harnesses. Made of high-quality clothes; this comfortable racing seat has its durable steel frame covered with injection-molded foam and woven upholstery.

Also like the Type-7, Auto Dynasty’s Type-R racing seat features the security and stability of having deep tight bolsterers to aid drivers in staying in place during any turn.

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Auto Dynasty Type-R Style Black Faux Leather Reclinable Sport Racing Seats With Red Stitch (Pair)

Very similar to the regular Type-R model from Auto Dynasty, this trim of the racing seat differentiates itself in its exterior design.

Covered by a classy layer of faux leather, this racing seat won’t leave room for many complaints from drivers looking to go the leather route when choosing their seats. To go along with the design, four stylish red stitch lines are adorning both the lower back and bottom supports.

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BRAUM Black and Red Leatherette Carbon Fiber Mixed Universal Racing Seats

Weight is a major factor in determining what goes into and what stays out of a racing car, and drivers spend a good deal of money looking for lighter seats. Well, Braum offers just that with this model.

Weighing in at only 25 pounds due to its lightweight powder coated tubular steel frame, this racing seat will sure give the competition a run for its money when it comes to lightness.

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Auto Dynasty NRG FRP-310 Fiber Glass Bucket Style Racing Seat

Another of Auto Dynasty’s creations, this model differs from the rest of the line, as instead of the standard materials, Auto Dynasty went with fiberglass reinforced material.

While it still maintained the strong steel frame, this fiberglass model also got a big boost in the weight department, as a package with two of these seats weighs only 44 pounds.

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NETAMI NT-5101 Racing Seat with Carbon Fiber Texture

With specs much similar to the other models on this list, the Netami NT-5101 differentiates itself because of a pair of features.

First, it relies on a sturdy tubular steel frame for security, while conferring comfort through its injection molded foam and its vinyl with carbon fiber texture.

Finally, it also features perks that make an everyday driver’s life easier, like a quick release tilt that eases access to the rear seat.

What we really like about these is that you have a few different color options. You can choose from: red/black, gray/black, blue/black, and solid black.

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